The game between the Eagles and Cowboys on Sunday night was a thriller. The game was close all night and the Cowboys staged a late ten point comeback to get back into the game. The tying touchdown came on a beautiful catch by Dez Bryant, who had a big game for the Cowboys on Sunday evening. But the catch did not come without a reaction from Dean Blandino, the senior vice president of officiating in the NFL.

Dean Blandino Reacts to the Dez Bryant Touchdown.

Blandino's official Twitter account posted the following Tweet after Dez scored a touchdown.

This time, it definitely was a catch.

There is no question that this was both amazing and legitimate. Just take a look at the spectacular catch Dez made below.

Some people on Twitter might have been laughing, but Cowboys fans most certainly were not. The tweet comesjust one year after NFL officials took what looked like a definitive catch against the Packers and turned it into an incompletion. And some fans let Dean Blandino hear their opinion on Twitter during the Sunday night game.

Now those same fans are ripping into Dean Blandino, whose attempt at humor was met with a barrage of negative Tweets.

Twitter Rips the Vice President of NFL Officiating.

One Twitter user opened things up with a little bit of eye rolling.

Another Twitter user decided that he'd had enough of Dean Blandino. This time the fan demanded a change in the NFL's archaic officiating rules.

But things got much worse for Dean Blandino as the night went on. And the memes and videos just kept on distributing the hate to the senior vice president of NFL officiating.

And honestly, what was Blandino expecting?

Even with good refs, the fans would hate any calls that went against their team. And now you reference a controversial call made by your own officials, essentially poking fun at Cowboys fans who expected Dez's catch to be a touchdown? On Twitter, users have the anonymity and ability to say and post whatever they want. That led to all these negative Tweets and memes that were probably well deserved after Blandino's ill advised Tweet.

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