The struggles for the Cubs in the last 70years of baseball are well documented. A curse placed on the team in 1945 after a fan and his goat were kicked out of a World Series game has proven effective since that time. But the Cubs are back in the World Series now and finally have a chance to break the curse that has plagued their franchise since then. It certainly looks like the team is on the right track once again after a 5-1 victory in game 2. The Cubs will now return home where they will start ace pitcher Kyle Hendricks against a scrappy Indians team.

First World Series Win Since 1945.

The Cubs broke one streak by winning a pennant, then broke another reaching the World Series.

The team broke yet another streak by winning their first game since 1945. Will the Cubs hot streak continue? Or will the Indians prove to be an even more resilient team on the road? The Cubs are certainly hoping to pull through as the favorites in this series. This is the most talented team in baseball, with an excellent rotation to pair with unbelievable hitting. That combination saw the Cubs win more games than any other team in baseball and is a signal of the dominance that this team has had over the MLB right now.

What if They Don't Win?

Even if the Cubs fail to win this World Series, the team's future is bright. Their best players are young, a majority of the pitching staff remains intact, and Chicago is still a premier destination for MLB free agents.

It's hard to see this team not competing for a championship again in the near future. And it's no surprise to see that their fans are hyped up about the prospects for their team, even in this World Series. Some have even suggested that Cleveland doesn't even deserve this World Series thanks to the poor fanbase in the city.

And they may have a point. Tickets in Chicago are selling for more than double the ticket prices of the two games the Indians played at home. Chicago is a huge market and everyone there obviously wants to root on a team that hasn't had success in a World Series since 1945.

Cubs fans are just wishing that their team can pull through and deliver a championship to the city.

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