Cristiano Ronaldo scored 5 goals in Portugal's two 2018 Soccer World Cup qualifiergames over this weekend, against Andorra and Feroe Islands. "CR7" scored a poker (4 goals) in the first match, last Friday (7th), and another one this past Monday (10th). Both soccer games ended up 6-0 for the European champions, and in both the Portuguese were winning 3-0 at half-time, curiously making the score evolution symmetric between both halves. This puts Portugal back on track to the soccer World Cup to be played in Russia, after a "hiccup" in the first round, when they lost 2-0 to Switzerland.

Friday: Andorra had no arguments

Some critics ask why national teams composed of amateur or semi-pro players keep facing Europe's strongest soccer teams; however, those who support this scheme say that this is true sportsmanship between nations, and also a chance for amateur players to play face to face against the very best. Sometimes, a surprise could happen, but not this time. If anyone was thinking that Andorracould delay Portugal's goals, sustaining a stoic and brave defensive game, Cristiano Ronaldo shattered all hopes by scoring two goals in the first four minutes! He made two more goals in the second half. Joao Cancelo and André Silva scored the other two.

Monday: Feroe Islands suffered their first defeat

The tiny Scandinavian national team, in spite of not being a full independent state (still being united with Denmark), made a good impression in the first two games of the Group B. Theydid good getting a point on Hungary's visit to Tórsvøllur Stadium, in the country's capital, Tórshavn (0-0).

Then, they did even better, beating Latvia 2-0. Due to Portugal's defeat in round 1, Feroe Islands were even ahead of Ronaldo's team on points, before the game (4 vs. 3).

However, the Portuguese were not impressed and showed the same superiority of the previous match. This time, the main striker was young André Silva (20 years, playing for FC Porto), who scored 3 goals in the first half and sealed the fate of the game.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored the fourth, after a beautiful "tiki-taka" with old mate Ricardo Quaresma. Joao Moutinho and Joao Cancelo closed the score.

Portugal is now second in the group, with 6 points, behind Switzerland, with 9. On November 13, Cristiano Ronaldo and the European champions will face Latvia in the next round of the World Cup Qualifier.

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