Dana White has recently announced that one of the UFCs biggest female fighters, Ronda Rousey, is ready to make her comeback at UFC 207 facing the UFC champion, Amanda Nunes. Fellow UFC star and champion, Conor McGregor knows exactly what it is like to take time off from the octagon and try to make a dominant return.

Rousey is no stranger to the MMA game; she's been in the ring more times than most women could dream of. At the peak of her career she's defended her UFC bantamweight title six times. Rousey is one of the best entertainers in the UFC and on the big screen. While some argue her time off to chase an acting career severely hurt her in the ring, others will chime in with a list of other fighters who took time off for a multitude of reasons; still keeping their game in check.

Conor McGregor gives Rousey encouragement.

According to the Washington Post, Conor McGregor wishes Ronda all the best but his only words of wisdom were to "shut them all up." The comment came after Rousey lost her last UFC fight which led to a media frenzy causing Ronda to take almost a year off. "Her biggest issues, in my opinion, were with the media. She felt like the media completely turned on her when she lost. Not abandoned, but felt attacked," Dana White stated to Fox News. "She felt these people in the media that gave three years of her life cruising around, giving interviews to, completely turned on her when she lost."

Should Rousey win back the title against Nunes, the long rumored and awaited match between Ronda Rousey and Cris "Cyborg" Justino could happen.

Cyborg has been extremely vocal towards Dana White stating numerous times that the former champion wants the fight with the Brazilian wrecking machine.

Dana White makes promises.

"I promise you this, Ronda has to come in and fight Dec. 30. Ronda has to win and the girl that she's fighting is no pushover.

She's nasty and tough and Ronda's got a fight on her hands there. She wins that fight, her and Cris Cyborg are eventually going to fight. Ronda wants that fight," Dana White explains to Fox Sports.

There is no doubt Rousey is still one of the biggest draws in the UFC and her return brings hope that she will regain her worldwide attention and redeem herself; winning back the title she lost last November.

UFC 207 is scheduled for December 30.

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