Two of the top teams in the country faced tremendous opponents in Week 7. One came away even more convinced of their playoff spot, while the other hung on for dear life to ensure a spot in the playoff is still possible. These are the four teams currently projected to make the College Football Playoff:

1. Alabama Crimson Tide

The Crimson Tide were expected to face a stiff test in Week 7 when they traveled to fellow SEC contender Tennessee. Instead, they embarrassed the Volunteers in their own house, 49-10. Alabama scored a non-offensive touchdown in their ninth consecutive game, while their defense continues to lead all of college Football in efficiency.

Once Alabama defeats Texas A&M at home this weekend -- and make no mistake, the Aggies are good but Alabama should have this game in hand -- it's virtually smooth sailing to the SEC Championship Game.

2. Ohio State Buckeyes

Meanwhile, Ohio State didn't have nearly as much fun in their road trip to take on Wisconsin. The Buckeyes were down by a field goal headed into the fourth quarter and eventually needed overtime to topple the Badgers, 30-23. It was Ohio State's 20th consecutive road win, though, and quarterback J.T. Barrett became the school leader in touchdowns for a career. Ohio State will play at Penn State on Saturday night.

3. Washington Huskies

Washington and Heisman Trophy contender Jake Browning had off in Week 7, but they still moved up a spot in these projections.

The team is one of only two ranked squads in the Pac-12 (Utah is the other). Washington plays host to Oregon State on Saturday night.

4. Clemson Tigers

After enteringthe season with high expectations, Clemson struggled to fulfill hopes but remained undefeated until they seemingly turned their season around with a win against Louisville.

Their overtime win over North Carolina State (which only made it that far due to an NC State missed field goal) should readjust expectations back down. Clemson is still undefeated, but they'll have a lot to prove when they travel to Florida State following their bye.

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