Colin Kaepernickhas been making the news a lot this season for theSan Francisco 49ers, but not because of his play on the field. The former49ersAll-Star has been making his mark on the world because of his protest of the National Anthem before games, where he kneels or sits instead of standing. He has been protesting the National Anthem because of the oppression of people of color in America and he has certainly caught everybody's attention everywhere around the league and around the sporting world.

The return

He will finally get his first break of the season come Week 6.Kaepernickwill make his first start of the regular season for the49ers Sunday afternoon against the Buffalo Bills.

It is hard to tell whether or not this will be a tough match up. The Bills have always been one of those weird teams that could beat the best teams in the league, like they have shown us this season by beating the New England Patriots and the Arizona Cardinals, but they could also lose to the very worst teams. Usually their defense is solid, but sometimes they might get taken advantage of like when they played the New York Jets. They are a team that is really hard to figure out how good they actually are because of how inconsistently good they could be sometimes.

It is about time thatKaepernick got onto the field though, I think that we were all expecting him to be the starter when Chip Kelly came toSan Francisco.

Kelly was the former coach for the Philadelphia Eagles, but is more known for his time with the Oregon Ducks where he spent time with Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota. Because of his experience at the college level, Kelly runs a 'Read Option Offense' that focuses a lot around the quarterback, especially when it comes to the running game.

Why he should be the starter

Blaine Gabbert was the starter for the49ersup until this point, but it hasn't really paid off so far this season.San Franciscois sitting at 1-4 through their first five game, and though Gabbert hasn't looked terrible, I think that the change at quarterback is still a smart one.

Kaepernickis a known winner. He has helped get his team to the Super Bowl and NFC Championship games. He has helped his team win after he beat out Alex Smith in their quarterback controversy. Gabbert has yet to make any playoff appearances in his career and I can't imagine that he will anytime soon.

Kaepernickhas been a known dual-threat at quarterback, but has struggled to find wins in his recent history starting. A portion of why he hasn't been starting this season was because of injuries and he also lost a lot of weight which takes away some of his explosiveness on the ground. Some of that can be seen in the preseason. He wasn't running as aggressively and as a result took opportunities away from his team to continue any drives.

In his career,Kaepernickhas 10,030 passing yards with 56 passing touchdowns as well as 1832 rushing yards with 11 rushing touchdowns.If he doesn't figure out something soon, then he will probably not be in San Franciscocome next season.Kaepernickhas a lot of talent though. If he could find a win this week, it could change the entire outcome of the49ersseason.

*Fantasy owners should be wary of picking upKaepernickjust yet. He is available in almost all leagues, but until he proves that he is worth the start, I wouldn't risk it.

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