The San Francisco 49ers have finally had enough of quarterback Blaine Gabbert. Chip Kelly announced today that Colin Kaepernick will be the week 6 starter against the Buffalo Bills. The decision comes after a 1-4 49ers start that has seen Blaine Gabbert fail to be an effective producer at the quarterback position. Gabbert consistently turns the ball over and ran the ball far more than what was really necessary. Now Kaepernick will look to what has been ailing the 49ers in a road game against the Buffalo Bills.

Chip Kelly Confirms Kaepernick Will Start.

The news of Kaepernick's start was confirmed earlier in the day by 49ers head coach Chip Kelly, who is clearly tired of watching Blaine Gabbert struggle to produce at quarterback.

Kaepernick will get his first chance as a starter against a red-hot Buffalo Bills team that has won games with a combination of solid defense and an elite running game.

A Brick Wall.

Unfortunately, Kaepernick will be up against one of the hottest teams in Football in the Buffalo Bills. The Bills have won their last three games against the Cardinals, Patriots, and Rams. Their defense has shut down opposing offenses and forced a ton of turnovers in each game. Now Kaepernick will have to avoid making mistakes against an elite Bills defense that will get star Marcell Dareus back this week.

The quarterback change might help, but it's hard to see Kaepernick lighting up the Bills next Sunday.

A Controversial Choice.

Americans everywhere have been divided by Kaepernick's decision to kneel for the national anthem. His protest has drawn both criticism and praise for its fiery and bold nature.

The method in which he has chosen to go about his protest has made Kaepernick's jersey one of the most sold this season, despite his status as a backup quarterback. Now Colin will look to prove that he is more than just a backup and will finally get a chance thanks to the decision of 49ers head coach Chip Kelly.

Will Americans embrace the start? Or will he be criticize even more? Does anybody actually care as long as he plays good football?

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