Cleveland might be the luckiest city in America right now. The Cleveland Indians have entered the World Series just months after the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA championship. That team, led by LeBron James, came back from a 3-1 deficit and completed a miraculous comeback to finally bring a championship to the city of Cleveland. Now it looks like another team could be bringing a championship trophy back to the city. Unfortunately the city's third sports team will not be coming anywhere close to a championship this year.

What are the Odds?

After winning game 1, the Indians are still underdogs in the World Series.

They are currently listed as even money and the Cubs are listed as 5:6 favorites. It's not too surprising, considering how dominant the Cubs have been, but it is a bit surprising to see the line remain in favor of the Cubs when the Indians have a one game lead. The oddsmakers clearly favor the talent of the Cubs over the scrappiness of the Indians, and they are certainlytaking the playing venues into consideration.

Does Cleveland Need to Win Two Games at Home?

A win in game 2 would go a long way in helping the Indians achieve a World Series victory. A loss would give the Cubs a far bigger advantage as Chicago heads home to be supported by a fanbase that is willing to shell out $3000 for tickets.

That massive crowd will be a huge factor in those two games and will likely help the Cubs get back on track even if they lose in game 2. That makes the second game at home even more crucial for an Indians team that needs all the advantages it can get against a very talented Cubs team.

What if Cleveland Does Win?

If the Indians do manage to pull off a victory in the World Series, the city of Cleveland will celebrate one of the greatest years in sports history. Two championships in one calendar year is a feat that every city in America hopes to accomplish and it's certainly not an easy objective to achieve.

The path to that championship would be made far easier with an Indians victory in Wednesday night's World Series game.

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