The defending-champion Cleveland Cavaliers started their 2016/17 season off right in the NBA on Tuesday night. In a game that the Cavs hosted, the Cavaliers defeated the new-look New York Knicks with a 29-point 117-88 rout. LeBron James may not have been the leading scorer in the game. However, his individual contribution can't be ignored.

The King had a triple-double for points, assists, and rebounds in the game with 19, 14, and 11 respectively. He shot well from the floor overall with a 9 for 14 night. However, his outside jumper failed to connect as James went 0 for 3 from behind the arc. The failed connections from range characterised part of his 2015/16 season, so perhaps his outside shooting will remain a small problem this year.

However, the Cavaliers as a team hit 13 of their three pointers in 35 attempts for a solid 37.1% three-point percentage. Kyrie Irving, who scored a game-high 29 points, had four three-pointers on a night where he only played for about 30 minutes.Kevin Love also had 23 while Richard Jefferson scored 13 on a night where every Cavalier except for Tristan Thompson scored.

New Knicks like the old Knicks

The New York Knicks revamped their team over the off-season. New York now has Joakim Noah, Courtney Lee, and Derrick Rose, three players that debuted for the Knicks on Tuesday night. Combined, the three players scored 17 points in roughly 69 total minutes of combined playing time. However, combining their scoring is a nice way of framing both Noah's and Lee's contributions.

Rose actually had all of those points as Lee and Noah were held off the scoresheet and did little in terms of secondary statistics.

The night was one where New York didn't have a bright light at all. Mainstay Carmelo Anthony only had 19 points while Kristaps Porzingis scored 16. Overall the Knicks shot just 32 for 87 from the floor for a 36.8% shooting rate.

It's revealing that New York's overall shooting percentage, which includes short-range shots, was worse than Cleveland's long-range shooting percentage. Furthermore, the Knicks were kept off of the glass as the Cavaliers out-rebounded them 52-41 with no Knick getting to double digits for boards.

What's next for both teams?

For the Knicks, they promise to face some bad press in New York. When a team revamps their lineup, the expectation is better results. It's true that New York was facing the defending champs on their home court, but I still think a nearly 30-point loss brings out the critics, even after just one game. In terms of scheduling, the Knicks' next game is Saturday when they host the Memphis Grizzlies (7:30 pm ET).

The Cavaliers will be clearing customs in their next game as they head up to Toronto to face the Raptors on Friday in a game from the Air Canada Centre (7 pm ET). If last year's standings were applied, then that's a game between the No. 1 and the No. 2 teams in the NBA's Eastern conference.

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