The Cleveland Cavaliers, for the first time in franchise history, are starting an NBA season as the defending outright champions. They've kept their core from last year in place heading into the new season, however there is an issue when it comes to the team's depth at the moment. Matthew Dellavedova went to the Milwaukee Bucks and Mo Williams did not report to training camp. That has left the Cavaliers short of a back-up for Kyrie Irving in the point-guard position as the start of the season nears.

Jordan McRae in trade rumors

ESPN Senior Writer Brian Windhorst commented on the economic situation that the Cavs are in at the moment in a Fridayarticle: "If the Cavs waive Williams now to create a roster spot, Williams would receive his full salary and the Cavs would have to pay the full tax amount.

Currently, the Cavs are projected to have a $32 million tax bill." In regard to trade rumors, the name that Windhorst drops as a potential trade candidate is Jordan McRae.

Goran Dragic in trade rumors

Other gossip on potential trades comes out of Miami. However, in the case of the Heat the reports seem to scrub out trade rumors instead of igniting them. Marc Stein wrote on Friday that the "Miami Heat aren't actively trying to trade ‎point guard Goran Dragic...because if they were, it wouldn't take the Heat long to find a taker."

Stein may be right that Dragic isn't on the trade market at the moment, however his explanation isn't exactly one that I find satisfying. He seems to be saying that if the Heat were trading Dragic he'd be gone by now.

However, trades aren't always straight forward when it comes to closure, because often each side tries to swindle the other one. While there would be plenty of teams interested in Dragic, as Stein suggests, that they haven't closed a deal doesn't mean that he's not being pushed. Could be that the Heat just haven't gotten back an offer that they think is reasonable.

The Miami Heat appear to be entering a rebuilding phase. Dwyane Wade is in Chicago and 32-year old Chris Bosh's career with the Heat might be over. Accordingly Dragic's trade value is more in the market of draft picks and developing players for the future: "Should Miami...struggle out of the gate and...engage in a more drastic rebuild...they'll be in the market for a first-round pick or two in a theoretical Dragic deal" (Stein).

The NBA's regular season starts on Tuesday with the Cleveland Cavaliers facing the New York Knicks at 7:30pm ET from Cleveland. The Heat will open their season on Wednesday in a game from Orlando (7pm ET).

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