The city of Chicago ispartying tonight like it is 1945, withthe backdrop of theChicago Cubs defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers5-0 in Game 6 of the National League Championship series, behind the star-studded pitching of Kyle Hendricks and closer Aroldis Chapman. Kyle Hendricks was super hyper-focused in pitching 7 1/3 shutout innings, only giving up 2 hits, walking none and striking out sixDodgers. He was most certainly the star of the evening, but Cubs manager Joe Maddon was taking no chances and brought in ace left-handed reliever Aroldis Chapman.

This victory by the two aces, endeda 71-yeardroughtin finally getting to the World Series for the Cubs.

The Cubs are soon hoping to be partying like it is 1908 or even 1907. The Cubs will be heading to Cleveland this Tuesday to face the Cleveland Indians, another team with a drought of its own. Thenext monumental task for the Cubsis actually winning the World Series, with an even longer drought. Back in the good old days, they had won back-to-back championships: one in 1907 and another in 1908. That would make a 108-year drought since winning the World Series for the Cubs.

In between 1908 and 1945, they appeared inseven World Series appearances, and now they are back for another shot that many believe was caused by a "Billy Goat" named "Murphy."

'Billy Goat curse' shows signs of having been lifted

In that 1945 World Series, the Cubs were leading the Detroit Tigers 2-1.

For Game 4 of that World Series, bar ownerBilly Sianis strode up to the gate at Wrigley Field with two tickets in hand—one for himself, and one for his pet goat who went by the name of “Murphy.” The legend goes thatCubs owner P.K. Wrigley appeared at the gate after an usher refused the two admissions and told him that "Murphy"couldn’t come in“because the goat stinks.”

As the story goes,Sianiscursed the Cubs bythrowing his arms up in the airand then put on a curse.

“The Cubs ain’t gonna win no more!” he was to havesaid. The Cubs will never win a World Series, he said, as long as his pet goat wasnot allowed in Wrigley Field.

Chicago Cubs were baseball's hottest team this years

The Chicago Cubs had themost victories in baseballthis year with 103 wins, beating the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers in the playoffs.

Even if the“Curse of the Billy Goat”is just a myth, there’s no denying that it’s been more than a century since the Chicago Cubs last won the World Series—far longer than any other club in professional baseball. The Cleveland Indians have suffered through a drought of their own, last winning a World Series Championship in 1948.

Inanother sign of encouragement for Cub fans, Nate Silver is picking them to win it all. Prior to the victory on Saturday night, Nate Silver had the Cubs with a51 percent probability of winning the World Series. He wrote that Chicago is more like than not to win it all and end this drought, celebrating a World Championship title. That is still too close to call.

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