The Cleveland Indians returned home for their first game from Progressive Field since game two of the American League Championship Series. The World Series started on Tuesday night and the first game was not competitive. The Tribe opened up an early lead, built on it in the middle innings, and took all drama out of the question with a three-run eighth inning. The final score in the game was 6-0 with Corey Kluber picking up the win and Jon Lester picking up the loss.

Betting odds still favor Chicago

Game one may be over and the result against the Cubs, however in the big picture Chicago remain the favorites to win the World Series (source: bet365).

This is a team that has bounced back after adversity in the playoffs thus far. In the divisional series, Chicago averted a game-five scenario against the San Francisco Giants with a clutch come-from-behind win in game four. In the NLCS, Los Angeles jumped out to a 2-1 series lead before Chicago shut things down in two games that were played from Dodger Stadium.

The expectation at this point has to be that the Cubs answer after losing 6-0 on Tuesday. Bet365 is one firm that makes Chicago favorites to win the World Series still. They are priced at -120to win their first championship since the early parts of the last century.

Game two played on Wednesday

The importance of game two cannot be downplayed.

The Cleveland Indians need to press their home-field advantage in the series with a second win. Chicago, on the other hand, if they do not win game two will surely no longer be the World Series favorites. Furthermore, a loss would forfeit any possibility of Chicago winning in front of their home fans.The World Series follows a 2-3-2 format, meaning that the away team hosts games three, four, and five (if needed).

Should the Cubs lose game two then they would not be able to close the World Series out at home, even with a potential three-game sweep in the games to be played at Wrigley Field.However, if the Cubs win game two then it creates the possibility of a win in their home park.

Game time tonight is at 7pm ET and Chicago will go to its ace pitcher.

Jake Arrieta, following an 18-8 season, will get the start while Cleveland only have Trevor Bauer to answer with. Bauer went 12-8 on the season with a 4.26 ERA. When last we saw Bauer, he was leaving game three of the ALCS against the Toronto Blue Jays with a profusely bleeding pinkie finger. Bet365 make Chicago -160 favorites to win straight up tonight, odds that make Chicago clear favorites.

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