Corey Kluber retired by the same route almost all of his opponents did, except for Anthony Rizzo in the first inning, which left behind the mark of Orlando Hernandez (1999), Randy Johnson (2001) and Bob Gibson (1968), who accumulated seven strikeouts in the same number of episodes. The ace of the Cleveland Indians maintained absolute control of the game for six innings, striking out a total of nine batters, setting a record in Major League Baseball, to withdraw by strikeouts eight batters of the opposing team, in just three innings, something never seen before in the story of the sport.

The great command of Kluber

In a World Series that it will end with a historic champion, recordscan be broken. One is that of Corey Kluber, who in the first three innings while striking out eight of his first nine rivals, an unprecedented figure in a championship game of Baseball. The performance of the Indians' pitcher, who is 30 years old, was crucial in the early episodes, in order for the Indiansto hang zero and be ahead in the first battle for the championship. In the story of the World Series of Baseball, the best record in strikeouts belongs to Bob Gibson, who in 1968 brought 17 in this way - in the victory (4-0) - St. Louis Cardinals vs. Detroit Tigers in the first game of the series, which eventually ended up ninth out of Detroit.

It is worth to note the great performance of Roberto Perez, who, along with Corey Kluber martyred the Chicago Cubs in their first World Series after an absence of 71 years. Perez hit a pair of home runs, while Jose Ramirez and Francisco Lindormanaged three hits each to support a brilliant opening of Kluber, and the Indians prevailed 6-0, in the first game of the Fall Classic of eternal losers, and in which Cleveland is excited to finish celebrating its first coronation since 1948.

Jon Lester, whose Cubs covet their first championship since 1908, stumbled with their problems to hold off the runners in the starting inning by allowing a pair of runs after retiring the first two batters.

The second game of the series

Faced with a forecast of rain in Cleveland on Wednesday night, Major League Baseball took the unusual determination to start the game one hour ahead.

The first pitch was scheduled for 7.08 pm.

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