The Chicago Cubs have stared down some adverse situations in the 2016 MLB playoffs already. Firstly, in the divisional round Chicago almost had to go a decisive game five against the San Francisco Giants. However, a late-inning comeback in game four prevented that from happening. Earlier in the NLCS, they were down 2-1 to Los Angeles and needed to steer things in the right direction. With two clutch road wins, Chicago are now positioned to eliminate the Dodgers and prepare for the 2016 World Series against the Cleveland Indians.

Chicago Cubs fans have waited a long time

October 22nd, 2016 could be a historic date in the history of the Chicago Cubs' franchise.

The lovable losers haven't won the National League pennant since 1945. Since then the playoff format has changed several times. In fact if the 1945 format was applied, Chicago would already have won the NL pennant by virtue of their top record in the Majors.

Chicago Cubs superfan and celebrity movie star Bill Murray wasn't even born in 1945. The 66-year old, best known for his role in the Ghostbusters films was born in 1950, well after the Cubs' last appearance in the World Series. Like many senior-citizen Cub fans, Murray can't remember a time when the Cubs were so close to breaking the streak of failed seasons in the NL.

Can't celebrate early againstKershaw

The starting pitchers are Clayton Kershaw for the Los Angeles Dodgersand Kyle Hendricks for the Chicago Cubs.

Kershaw has been the star of the show for the Dodgers so far this post-season. He was brilliant against the Washington Nationals in the divisional round and Kershaw remained exceptional against the Cubs in game two.

However, LA's best pitcher can't last forever on Saturday night so I think the game plan with Chicago has to be to match the Dodgers out for out with Kendricks on the mound.

They may very well do that as he went 16-8 on the regular season with a 2.13 ERA. He received a loss earlier in the series despite only giving up one run. There may be little margin for error in this one, but Chicago will certainly want to avoid a decisive game seven.

Game time tonight from Wrigley Field is 8pm ET.With Kershaw on the mound, the Cubs are actually underdogs in the game at 6/5 with William Hill.

Despite the game-two loss at Wrigley, Chicago were at 57-24 team at home on the year so they promise to battle hard in this game. Should this series require a game seven it would take place on Sunday night, also at 8pm ET.

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