The Buffalo Bills were flying high headed into Miami after four straight victories against the Patriots, Cardinals, 49ers, and Rams. But that streak crashed after the Bills lost a road game in Miami 28-25, in which several key Bills players, including Marcell Dareus, Robert Woods, and LeSean McCoy, were injured. And another player suffered a serious injury during the game. Safety Aaron Williams was hit hard on an illegal block from Dolphins receiver Jarvis Landry in what was already a sensitive area.Bills fans were extremely worried about the health of a player whose injury reminded them of Kevin Everett's in 2007.

Thankfully the injury isn't as severe.

Aaron Williams Uses Twitter to ExpressLatest Thoughts.

Bills fans got their own sneak peek at Williams' mind in the safety's latestpost on Twitter.

Bills fans are obviously happy to see Williams be so positive and I am as well. His mind is clearly in the right place and he is clearly thankful that he was not seriously injured in the Dolphins game. But could his Tweet really be a veiled shot at the injury prone NFL?

Are NFL Games Too Dangerous?

The NFL has been embroiled in scandal after scandal recently and the emergence of concussions as a side effect of the sport have to concern current players.

Calvin Johnson, who is just 31 years old, retiredbecause he was "fed up with the sport of Football" and "tired of what it was doing to his body."

That description would certainly applies to Arian Foster, who hassuffered a ton of injuries in his career. Foster retired after suffering another injury in week 7.

In his career, Foster has been plagued byinjuries that have limited his production and will likely hamper himin the long term as well.

Does this mean it's time for Aaron Williams to retire too? Another hit to the neck area could be even more serious and would almost certainly end the safety's career.

It still looks like Williams is committed to play in the NFL and contribute to the Bills, and we can only hope that he will not get severely injured again.

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