The Buffalo Bills are the hottest team in the NFL right now after winning four games in a row against the Patriots, Cardinals, Rams, and 49ers. Those wins have placed the Bills directly into the middle of the playoff picture right now and have fans amped up about the team's chances this year. That optimism has spread to current Bills players, including Stefon Gilmore and Preston Brown. And now that optimism has spread to Bills fifth round draft pick Jonathan Williams.

Jonathan Williams Sees the Ingredients Coming Together.

Williams took to Twitter to express his love for his team and his teammates.

It certainly looks like Williams is enjoying his time in Buffalo so far. He's only received eight carries thus far and isn't even the second running back on the roster, but he clearly loves Buffalo's organization. And Williams also sees the value in a team chemistry that has all the right ingredients brewing right now. So what's the difference between this Buffalo Bills team and the ones that have missed the playoffs for the last 16 years?

A Change in Culture.

Rex Ryan fired offensive coordinator Greg Roman after two losses to open the season.

Billsfans weren't too happy and were worried about the team's future for 2016. But that firing has appeared to be exactly what the teamneeded. Buffalo now leads the league in point differential and the offense exploded for 45 points against the 49ers. The playbook has been simplified and more control has been given to Tyrod Taylor, who has more freedomto call his own plays.

But it's even more important to recognize that the Bills are now having fun on the Football field.

This team is simply more together than those Bills teams in the past. A lazy Mario Williams frustrated other Bills players last season and similar issues have arisen over the last sixteen years. This season the Bills have rallied around each other and continue to support each other on the field no matter what.

Newcomer Zach Brown has fit right into the Buffalo Bills system. The fans have embraced Lorenzo Alexander. And the defense and offense are both playing at a lights-out level while also celebrating every great playright now. As Jonathan Williams has said, all the pieces seem to be coming together at the right time for a Bills team that could take advantage of a weak AFC and make the playoffs and even the Super Bowl this year.

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