The Buffalo Bills were defeated by the New England Patriots 41-25 in a game that saw Tom Brady pass for four touchdowns and more than 300 passing yards. That blowout loss was enough for hopeful Bills fans to be extremely frustrated with their own team. It's too bad, because the team was hyped up about Aaron Williams before the game even started. But penalties allowed Tom Brady and the Patriots to move the ball easily throughout, making the game painful for any fan to watch. That pain resulted in some fan reactions that were deemed inappropriate.

Buffalo Bills Try to Keep Their Fans in Check via Twitter

A foreign object was thrown onto the field during the game. The announcers thought it was a flag, but further inspection revealed that the object was actually something else.

That's a pretty good throw to get an object like that so far into the end zone. And it's shocking that security didn't prevent or see what was going on earlier. It's unclear if the following Tweet was prompted by the incident, but the powers of deduction would suggest that the two are definitely interrelated.

And it's not hard to see why the Buffalo Bills organization would release such a Tweet.

Other objects thrown on the field, such as beer bottles, could have been potentially more dangerous and would have possibly injured a player on the field. But it's hard to deny that the play of the Bills in this game didn't warrant this type of behavior.

Booing a Poorly Performing Team.

A dildo on the field wasn't the only poor fan reaction in the game.

The booing was raining down on the Bills early in the first half after the Patriots quickly scored two touchdowns.

And can anybody really blame the fans?

The defense, which is supposed to be a strong point, allowed 41 points in a blowout. The ragtag group of players the Bills had at the wide receiver position repeatedly dropped catchable passes. And Stephon Gilmore got absolutely torched by both Chris Hogan and Rob Gronkowski all game.

The team was also plagued by penalties that either extended Patriots drives or killed Bills drives. The Bills might want their fans to act in a certain way, but the team will also have to start playing better before a change in fan behavior can occur.

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