The Buffalo Bills didn't have a great weekend, but that doesn't mean their players couldn'thave a great Halloween. A blowout loss against the Patriots didn't stop Shaq Lawson from going out and having fun in a haunted house on Halloween. And it didn't look like he was ready for the spooky experience.

Shaq Lawson Scared Multiple Times.

Lawsonclaimedthat he'd been to plenty of haunted houses as a kid, but it definitely didn't look like it. Just check out the video detailing Lawson's experience below.

Even the Buffalo Bills questioned the veracity of Lawson's statement!

It actually looks like this could be Shaq Lawson's first time inside a haunted house and he was legitimately spooked. Definitely worth the watch and an entertaining video for fans. The Bills also have to be glad that Shaq Lawson doesn't play scared on the Football field, even if he does get scared in a spooky haunted house.

Play of Shaq Lawson.

Lawson returned in week 7 to play against the Miami Dolphins and had an expanded role against the Patriots in week 8 after Lorenzo Alexander went down with an injury. He actually did get his first career sack against Tom Brady, an impressive feat for any defensive player. That good play was unfortunately countered by a roughing the passer call later in the game.

Lawson could have also been flagged for a another late hit in the game, but fortunately was not.

Shaq will have to corral his temper in future Bills games and make sure that he doesn't draw any more unnecessary roughness penalties. He's already proven that he's both a solid and explosive defender on the field and should continue to see his role expand in the future.

The Bills will just have to hope that Shaq Lawson isn't as scared of the Seattle Seahawks as he was of this haunted house in week 9.

Looking Ahead.

The Bills will have a tall task on Monday night in week 9. They play a tough Seahawks team on the road and enter the game as seven point underdogs. To win, the Bills will need everything they can get from both sides of the ball and a solid performance from Shaq Lawson.

Without one, the Bills will find it hard to break the playoff streak that has plagued them for 16 years.

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