The 4-3 Buffalo Bills have a huge game against the 6-1 Patriots today, but the focus in pregame was on something more important than the game. That focus centered around safety Aaron Williams, who suffered a significant injury against the Dolphins last week. These injuries have come around the head and neck area, making fans wonder if Williams will choose to walk away from the NFL before risking significant injury again. But that doesn't mean that the great people of Buffalo haven't come out to support the safety in his recovery efforts.

Bills Crowd Pays Tribute toAaron Williams Before Game.

The crowd at New Era Field had plenty of supporters for the safety early on.

One fan had a beautiful sign to support Williams.

And he acknowledged the contribution of the fan! What other team in the NFL has players that share such a close connection with their fans? And even a former Bills player was there to support the injured safety.

You really have to love what Jim Kelly has done for the Bills after his NFL career. He's contributed so much to the city and continues to support the players and efforts of the Buffalo Bills.

And now the man who has battled cancer for severalyears is ready to support Aaron Williams in his road to recovery.

Is His Football Career Over?

Bills fans will always love Aaron Williams, even if he does choose to call it quits after this injury. He's spent his entire career with the Bills and has been one of the better players on defense for the team.

But hewill have to make a choice about his future at the end of the season.

Another hit like the one he took from Jarvis Landry could result in far worse consequences next time.

Williams will have a tough decision ahead of him and will need to determine if it is worth continuing to risk his health for a sport that he loves. For now, the Bills safety will root for his team and support the Bills in their push for a playoff spot. And fans will continue to support Williams, no matter which path he decides to forge for himself.

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