The last time Bill Goldberg competed in WWE, his run with the company was a huge disappointment, as he failed to live up to his advance billing and his previous success with WCW. And while he won’t be expected to wrestle more than a match with the company, now that he’s closing in on his 50th birthday, it looks like the man who once asked the question “Who’s next?” is indeed coming back to WWE, as confirmed on a recent tweet.

Goldberg back in WWE’s good graces 12 years after ‘WrestleMania XX’

In 2004, Bill Goldberg’s WWE run ended with a whimper, rather than the bang that many had expected when he was signed by the sports entertainment giant a year prior.

A former NFL defensive tackle who signed with now-defunct WCW after his football career ended, Goldberg is best-known for winning 173 straight matches in that company, though most accounts suggest the figure was exaggerated to hype up the big man as a legitimate threat. And while Goldberg was indeed a threat in WCW, his WWE run from 2003 to 2004 failed to live up to expectations. His ‘WrestleMania XX’ match against Brock Lesnar was booed by fans as both men plodded through an awkward match made less appealing by the fact they were both leaving WWE immediately after the event.

The disappointment surrounding the hyped, yet ultimately panned ‘WrestleMania XX’ match was one of the main factors that led to WWE and Goldberg spending most of the next decade in bad terms with each other.

But with Bill Goldberg having been included in 2K Sports’ ‘WWE 2K17’ video game, that proved that time had healed the proverbial wounds on both ends.

Could Goldberg vs. Lesnar at ‘Survivor Series’ become a reality?

There have also been rumors swirling about another Goldberg vs. Lesnar match, this time at WWE’s upcoming ‘Survivor Series’ pay-per-view on November 20.

And with Lesnar’s manager Paul Heyman having challenged Goldberg on behalf of his client, both on Twitter and on the most recent episode of ‘Monday Night RAW’, it looks like Bill Goldberg is indeed interested in returning to the ring, even for one night only.

The challenge came the week after Goldberg told ESPN that he’s considering making a wrestling comeback, so that his wife and 10-year-old son could finally see him wrestle, and that he would “be remiss in saying I don’t owe Brock Lesnar a rematch.” Heyman addressed these comments first on Twitter, and when he made an appearance on ‘Monday Night RAW’ last night, he openly challenged Goldberg to a match “anytime and anywhere.”

Goldberg didn’t waste much time replying to the challenge, tweeting that he’s “booking (his) flight to answer that big mouth (Heyman)” and that he would be appearing on next week’s ‘Monday Night RAW’ to personally accept the challenge.

Once again, this may only be a one-time-only return for Bill Goldberg. At 49-years-old, he is no longer the young man who burst into the scene in mid-1990s WCW, nor the seasoned, yet still-in-prime-shape veteran he was when he signed with WWE in 2003. But the chances of seeing him face Lesnar at ‘Survivor Series’ 2016 have just gone up big-time, and it will be interesting to see if their potential match next month will be an improvement over what fans saw at ‘WrestleMania XX’ 12 years ago.

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