The American League Championship Series is set to begin on Friday night with the Toronto Blue Jays visiting the Cleveland Indians. Here's a preview of what to look forward to in this series.

Toronto's decided home field advantage

Everyone knows how haywire things go when games are played at the Rogers Centre. It happened last year in the ALDS, it happened during the Wild Card Game against the Orioles, and it will happen again in the ALCS - things will get nuts.

When the crowd quiets down enough, fans will get to see a surprisingly stout pitching rotation. Marco Estrada has performed better than expectations this season and gets the Game 1 start.

J.A. Happ molded himself into a legitimate Cy Young contender and led the American Legue in wins. The biggest Toronto injury to look at right now his Francisco Liriano, who was hit with a liner in the ALDS - he hopes to return to the roster by Game 2.

Speaking of pitching injuries...

Cleveland needs a healthy Kluber, Bauer

When Corey Kluber needed to have a start skipped at the end of the regular season, panic alarms went off in Cleveland. Luckily, the injury wasn't severe and he returned to dominate Game 2 against David Price on the way to an Indians sweep over the Red Sox. Kluber is the definitive staff ace and will start Game 1, which should yield a victory for his team.

Friday brought some bizarre news when fellow starter Trevor Bauer was injured while trying to repair his personal drone.

The injury is on his pinky, so it shouldn't affect his throwing grip too much, but he had his start moved to Game 3, switching with Josh Tomlin. This could prove to be a blessing in disguise - Bauer is the better pitcher and Game 3 is normally a pretty important one in a seven game series. Bauer is also known to be a bit hot-headed, though; will he be able to handle the boos and taunts at the Rogers Centre?


Cleveland hasn't made the World Series since 1997. Toronto hasn't made the World Series since they won it in 1993. These teams have similar strengths and it should make it a close series. Cleveland wins it in six games.

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