The Alabama Crimson Tide and the Texas A&M Aggies met in a key NCAA football game on Saturday between two undefeated teams in the top ten. In a game that came from Tuscaloosa that the Crimson Tide hosted, both teams were facing potential elimination when it came to making the year-end college football playoffs. Come Monday, the Aggies should be the team dipping in the rankings at least a little bit while 'bama consolidated their top spot in college footballwith a 33-14 victory.

Alabama freshman quarterback Jalen Hurts certainly wasn't amazing in the game. He went just 15 for 25 and he threw two interceptions.

However, he did scamper for a total of 91 yards while Damien Harris went for 128.

Defense was more the story of the game for the Crimson Tide on Saturday as they improved to 8-0. Fourteen points for the 6th-ranked Aggies is a new season low. There's no doubt among college football fans that 'bama will remain No. 1 in the polls on Monday. However, a valid question is just how far down should Texas A&M go?

The Aggies entered the week ranked 6th in both the Associated Press' and Coaches' Poll. How far they will drop has something to with some unresolved games at time of writing. However, one loss on the season and only to the top-ranked team in the nation probably shouldn't hurt them all that much.

The fact that the game came from Tuscaloosa helps Texas A&M, although I think a closer spread would have been much more helpful.

Another question is who can stop Alabama now that they got the final top-ten team out of the picture with a huge 19-point win? Looking ahead for the Crimson Tide, they have a bye week next week which will be followed by the following:

  • November 5th at LSU
  • November 12th hosting Mississippi State
  • November 19th hosting Tennessee Chattanooga
  • November 26th hosting Auburn

Onegame that almost stands out is the one that they will have two weeks to prepare for, Alabama at LSU in early November.

LSU started the season as a high-ranked team, but losses to Wisconsin and Auburn changed people's minds. At time of writing they were involved in a battle with Ole Miss, a result that might see LSU fall out of the Top 25 on Monday should they lose.

The Iron Bowl in late November is a hyped-up game in the American south.

The Tigers certainly aren't a bad team this year as they entered the week ranked 21st in the AP Poll. That's a ranking that promises to go up by maybe a half-dozen spots or more following a 53-point win over the 17th-ranked Arkansas Razorbacks. Of the teams left in 'bama's regular season, Auburn might be the one that's the biggest threat.

However, the four-team playoff format is slightly-forgiving now. If Alabama end up 12-0 then they will be in for sure while 11-1 might just prove good enough as well.

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