Since 2011, the Monster Energy Cup puts an end of the supercross season. It is a stand-alone event where the best 22 supercross drivers battle each other in order to win the $100,000 check. The prize money goes up to 1 million if a driver can win all three 10-lap races (the only driver to do so was Ryan Villopoto in the first edition of the event).

Race recap

Race 1Blake Baggett grabbed the first holeshot of the night but he quickly lacked pace as Honda HRC’s Ken Roczentookthe lead in the second turn. The German driver flew away and he gained a four second gap from Eli tomac. Behind him, Dungey movedto fourth after a bad start and battled with Baggett when, with three laps to go, the number five fell back to sixth but he recovered once again to finish third.

In front of him, Roczen was no match for Tomac and he won the first race with an astonishing gap of 7 seconds. Musquin and Baggett concluded the top five.

Race 2Ken Roczen took the lead once again with Chad Reed second and Tomac third. Like Baggett in the first race, the Australian fell back in the first lap and he went to hold the fourth position until the end of the race. At lap 6, Roczen made a terrible mistake in the rhythmic section as he was sent through the bars. He was unable to start his new bike, so he lost the lead and the chance to win the 1 million check. Tomac took advantage of that and he won the second race with Dungey second, Musquin third, Reed fourth and Seeley fifth.

Race 3Chad Reed improved his previous start and grabbed the final holeshot but he crashed immediately and Mike Alessi, followed by Roczen, took the lead.

Alessi maintained the first position until midrace where he shuffled back to fifth. Roczen drove in first place and he dominated the entire race. Behind him, Musquin, Dungey and Tomac fought each other for the overall win. Even if the number five overtook Tomac in the last turns, it wasn’t enough for the the victory and the driver from Colorado won the 2016 Monster Energy Cup

"It was a crazy race”

Tomac stated to after the win, and then he added "I knew going into the race that I just needed to finish behind Ryan [Dungey] and I was able to catch up to him and have a good battle before settling on the last lap.

I'm really happy with tonight's performance and looking forward to the next season."

However, the surprise of the night was Ken Roczen. Despite his first race with the new Honda HRC, the young driver showed an impressive speed and without that little mistake, he would have probably won all three races.

He will certainly be an important character of the next supercross season that will start on January the 7th at Anaheim, CA.

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