Chicago Cubs fans will be happy to know they may have a leg up on winning the MLB World Series for 2016 and that comes from a prediction made over two decades ago in a yearbook. The Chicago Cubs have not won a World Series since the year 1908 earning them the MLB nickname of "Lovable Losers" through the years. That may change soon according to the caption under a fan's picture that posted in a yearbook back in 1993.

MLB crystal ball?

This prediction is not a hand-written that blurb could have been added to the yearbook at any time. It was actually part of the printed yearbook that came right from the printing company that created the 1993 yearbooks for the Mission Viejo High School in California.

Diehard Chicago Cubs fan

Mike Lee, who was known to his classmates as a "die-hard" fan of the Chicago Cubs, used the caption of his yearbook to offer some good luck to his team in the future. The caption reads, "Chicago Cubs. 2016 World Champions. You heard it here first." Lee's classmate and Los Angeles Dodgers fan Marcos Meza never forgot that quote his friend put in their yearbook and has recently posted it online where it has gone viral, according to CBS News.

Amazing prediction

Lee and Meza were friends since the seventh grade and thanks to social media; they reconnected as adults back in 2009. Lee, who eventually moved to Chicago, told his friend that had tossed his yearbook away. Since Meza still had his, he copied the quote and reminded Lee just what he had said back in '93.

The two had a good laugh about Lee's long-term prediction.

Meza posted a picture of the yearbook, which highlights Lee's MLB prediction online this week. After the Cubs 5-0 victory on Saturday taking the pennant by leaving the Dodgers in the dust, Meza thought fans of the Cubs would appreciate this prediction from decades ago.

He was correct, and it has gone viral and is making headlines today.

Will prediction break the curse?

"Fox and Friends" Wednesday morning live reported on Lee's 1993 prediction, which defies the curse put on the Cubs back in 1945. A man who was not allowed into the World Series with his goat cursed the team never to win a World Series.

Whether it was a curse or just plain bad luck, they never did. Now with Lee's 23-year-old prediction surfacing, Cubs fans have one more reason to believe that curse will finally be broken.

One last prediction

Meza also took a swipe at making his own prediction for his friend. He believes Lee will never pay for another beer at a Chicago bar if his look into the future materialises and the Cubs win the World Series!

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