While last week’s Monday Night Raw gave us what could be the weekly show’s most thrilling moment of the year, this week’s RAW was the mostunderwhelming since July’s brand split. Despite a strong start and finish, the middle parts seemed to go downhill all the way, with four jobber squashes and a very poorly-received promo segment, and for the most part, it was the new WWE Universal champion Kevin Owens carrying the show on his shoulders, taking part in all its best moments. Unfortunately, KO and an official Seth Rollins babyface turn weren’t enough to save this episode from overall mediocrity.

Rollins turns face as Owens vs. Rollins confirmed at Clash of Champions

RAW kicked off with Commissioner Stephanie McMahon and general manager Mick Foley introducing Kevin Owens as the new Universal Champion, and while the fans greeted him with cheers of “YOU DESERVE IT!”, Owens reminded them of why he’s booked as the heel, delivering a cocky promo that was interrupted by an irate Seth Rollins. Rollins angrily laid into Owens, McMahon, and Foley, and while McMahon tried to suspend Rollins for his disrespectful outburst, Foley proved to be the cooler head, booking Owens vs. Rollins for the Universal Championship at the RAW-exclusive Clash of Champions pay-per-view.

After Owens had defeated Sami Zayn in the night's main event, the plot thickened a bit further, as Roman Reigns hitthe ring to confront the reigning Universal champ.

Foley then came out to announce that if Reigns beats Owens in non-title action next week, he will be added to the Clash of Champions match, thus potentially turning the Universal title match into a three-way.

New Day vs. Gallows/Anderson feud reaches new lows

This week’s RAW segment featuring reigning WWE RAW Tag Team champions The New Day and Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson arguably took their dispute to its lowest point.

Once again billing themselves as “retirement specialists,” Gallows and Anderson were out there for too long, as they reminded the audiencewhy they’re much better when booked as serious.

The crowd was largely dead for the arrival of three men wearing gray wigs and pretending to be a much older version of The New Day, as they staggered to the ring to a slowed-down version of the real team’s theme song.

And they weren’t too animated either when the real New Day arrived, sent Gallows and Anderson out of the ring, and attacked the impostors.

Even with New Day vs. Gallows and Anderson for the tag team belts at Clash of Champions looking like a good match, it will indeed be a relief for many if and when the two former Bullet Club members finally drop the comedy shtick and focus on kicking butt and taking names, just like they did in New Japan Pro Wrestling and their first few weeks in WWE.

Tension between Charlotte and Dana Brooke heats up as Sasha Banks announces return

It was also a good thing that women's division booking last night turned out pretty good. After a miscommunication had led to Bayley defeating WWE RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte in a non-title match, Charlotte lashed out at her lackey Dana Brooke, blaming her for the loss and teasing what could be an imminent breakup of their partnership.

Later that evening, Sasha Banks took to the ring in a promo that may have lasted a bit too long. But the payoff was nonetheless a satisfying one, as she again humiliated Brooke, who had interrupted the promo and tried to attack her, only to get trapped in the Bank Statement. And with that, Banks announced that she would be facing Charlotte for the RAW Women’s Championship at Clash of Champions, after being cleared to compete in the RAW-exclusive event.

Quick results:

Bayley d. Charlotte (non-title match)

Bo Dallas d. Kyle Roberts (local wrestler)

Seth Rollins d. Chris Jericho

Sheamus d. Cesaro (Sheamus leads 3-0 in best-of-seven series)

The Shining Stars d. Enzo Amore and Big Cass

Nia Jax d. Ann Esposito (local wrestler)

Darren Young d.

Jinder Mahal

Braun Strowman d. Sin Cara

Kevin Owens d. Sami Zayn

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