With Alberto Del Rio’s release from WWE a done deal, many fans are disappointed that the company didn’t give him a very good run when he returned after a year’s absence in late 2015. He did beat John Cena for the United States Championship in the first night of his return, but it was downhill from that point onward, as fans got to see the dreadful MexAmerica angle with manager Zeb Colter, the lackluster League of Nations stable, and a talented competitor who was essentially a jobber to the stars after he lost the U.S. title to Kalisto in early 2016. But it could have been much different and much better for Del Rio, according to a new report from The Wrestling Observer.

Del Rio was supposed to work with Paul Heyman in babyface role

The Wrestling Observer report claims that Del Rio was supposed to fill the gap left by Rey Mysterio when he left WWE, stepping up as a top-level Latino babyface. The original plan, as it appears, was for himto be managed by Paul Heyman, who would have likewise worked as a pure babyface character for the first time in his WWE career. Even then, that would have made for some interesting programming, considering Heyman’s unparalleled skill on the mic, though it’s not sure if the twowould have had good chemistry. But as WhatCulture pointed out, it would have likely been better than the MexAmerica team-up, as former rivals Del Rio and Colter didn’t mesh well at all as a duo.

WWE execs wanted to forcibly break up Del Rio and Paige

On a separate note, wrestling commentator MSL (Mister Saint Laurent) and ex-WCW wrestler, manager, and booker Kevin Sullivan talked about Del Rio’s real-life relationship with Paige on the most recent episode of their MSL & Sullivan podcast. According to MSL, WWE official Mark Carrano spoke to the couple individually, and “harassed” them, stressing that higher-ups within the company wanted them to break up as a real-life couple.

While WWE was not successful in breaking up the couple's actual relationship, the company still had the last laugh, as seen in the recent brand draft, where they ended up on the RAW and SmackDown brands respectively. Their ending up on separate brands was all part of the plan, and to make matters worse, MSL added that WWE “threatened to fire” Paige if she and Del Rio didn’t break up as they had wanted.

Currently, Paige is serving a 30-day Wellness Policy suspension, which is due to end on September 18.

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