Dolph Ziggler is seemingly booked to lose. Though he’s one of the most talented men in WWE these days, and one of the more popular good guys in the company, Ziggler has seldom been on the winning end of a feud in the last two years. And if rumors turn out to be accurate, his ongoing feud with WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz might be his last in the company.

Ziggler contract rumored to be expiring in October

One technique wrestling bookers use to show a departing wrestler out of the company is to book them in a ‘loser leaves town’ match, where the stipulation requires the losing competitor to retire or leave the promotion in question.

That’s sort-of the situation Dolph Ziggler is in, as ‘The Show Off’, as fans refer to him, will have to leave WWE if he loses to The Miz, as was agreed upon on Tuesday's episode of 'SmackDown Live'.On the surface, this is a storyline feud, and it looks like one where the losing wrestler will take some time off for one reason or another, only to come back in a few weeks or a couple months.

Many, however, have speculated that this could be WWE’s way of potentially saying goodbye to Ziggler (a.k.a. Nick Nemeth in real life), as his contract with the company is reportedly due to expire next month. Though he had seemingly signed a new multi-year deal with WWE in 2015, recent reports suggest that this “multi-year deal” is actually due to expire in October, and that Ziggler has yet to come to terms on a new contract.

Ziggler vs. Miz at ‘No Mercy’ might be swan song for ‘The Show Off’

Looking at the Intercontinental title competitors at 'No Mercy', which takes place on October 9, The Miz has had an awesome 2016, no pun intended. Dolph Ziggler, on the other hand, has continued his downward trajectory, despite WWE's best efforts to make him feel relevant with title matches on 'SmackDown' brand pay-per-views.

All that points to The Miz retaining his title at 'No Mercy', with Ziggler possibly riding off into the sunset and trying his luck in other promotions.

At 36-years-old and with no plans of re-signing with the WWE once his contract is up, Ziggler is no longer a young man. And with a plethora of younger talent making their way up in the WWE, chances do indeed look good for Ziggler's WWE run coming to an end right after 'No Mercy', though we can always hope he does get to pull off the win and stick around after all.

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