No matter how great you are, it comes a time when your body will decide to quit without giving you any warning or some clue in order to postpone the inevitable. For Roger Federer, that particular warning call came up back in January when his knee became an issue. At that time, it was no big deal as Federer was expected to be back on the Tennis court in 2 months. But, once you are almost 35-years-old, the healing process might not follow the scheduled rhythm or some other issues may arise. For the Swiss tennisstar, it was the back the one making its statement- an older injury that caused him a lotback in 2009.

Wearing this weights on his shoulders, Federer did not shine in 2016. In terms of stats, it is perhaps the worst season of his career as he hasn`t won a single ATP title. Besides, he lost every encounter in which he competed against an ATP top 10 player.

Federer`s future doesn`t look so bright

In almost 15 years at the top, Roger Federer had quite a leverage as his body did not suffer due to long grueling injuries. That`s what allowed him to stay inside the top 10 for so long. But things are about to change as he failed to defend most of the points earned last year. The season of 2015 was great for Federer, but now he pays the price. His ranking position is about to get on a slippery slope. That means hellish draws when Federer will return on the ATP tour.

Just imagine Roger Federer as an unseeded player in an ATP event. For fans, the first rounds will not be that boring, but for Federer, it`ll be an extra pressureto deal with. With his recent unsuccessful history against top players, his chances to win any further big tournaments dramatically shrink.

Retirement should be on the table

Roger Federer accomplished so much throughout his career that it`s rather amazing how he still finds the motivational trigger. He won 17 Grand Slam in men`s singles- an Open Era untouchable milestone. He reached an amount of fame that few can hope for in their lifetime.

Now that he has 35 years of age, maybe it`s time to clear the room for other players to thrive inside the ATP circuit. Besides, there are no guarantees that when he`ll return on the ATP tour, his game will be the same as it used to be once.

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