Patriots trying to cope with Brady suspension

Patriots are playing the Arizona Cardinals in week one, and that is a tough match up in general, but without Tom Brady, there is a slim chance the Patriots will be able to handle the Cardinals who have a terrifyingly strong offense and a rock solid defense. If the Patriots are able to pull off a win, it means there is little chance of them losing the division championship because of the suspension.

Carolina Panthers vs Denver Broncos

As always, a Super Bowl rematch to kick off the season. The Broncos may have won the Super Bowl but the Panthers are likely to win this game.

With Peyton Manning gone and retired, the Broncos are starting from scratch on their offense while Cam Newton is still going strong with the Panthers. It will be a good game to say the least, and the Broncos are going to fight hard to keep the tradition of the defending champions winning the kickoff game.

RGIII starting with the Browns

Robert Griffin III was officially named the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns and now the Browns actually have a chance at getting a winning record. RGIII is a good quarterback with a bad history of injury and getting in his own head. If Cleveland can learn how to use him as an offensive leader, they stand a good shot of improving on their 3 wins from last year.

In his first regular season start with the Browns, there are huge expectations for RGIII and it will be worth watching to see if he can live up to them.

Chiefs begin their championship run

Now that Peyton Manning has left, the Denver Broncos no longer have an easy path to the post season, but the Kansas City Chiefs do.

With Alex Smith leading the offense, the Chiefs have a chance to claim the division for their own.

Jacksonville Jaguars getting crushed by the Green Bay Packers

One of the best teams in the league versus one of the worst teams in the league. If the Jaguars get even close to winning, it will be a surprise, but more than likely it will be the Packers first crushing step on the way back to a playoff berth.

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