The Baltimore Ravens must not read Blastingnews. If they did, the team would have known it had no chance against the Buffalo Bills Sunday. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. By not knowing how good the Bills are and that Tyrod Taylor would be a top 5 fantasy quarterback in week one, Baltimore overcame that great Buffalo scoring machine and topped the Bills 13-7.

Who dat?

The Ravens defense owned Buffalo. Taylor was accurate, but threw mostly short passes underneath the zone. His 15 completions accounted for 111 yards. Known for his athleticism, Taylor, a former Raven, ran for only 11 yards on six carries.

Healthy LeSean McCoy and Sammy Watkins were supposed to be difference makers. McCoy picked up 58 yards on 16 attempts. Watkins caught four passes for 43 yards. In other words, they didn’t make much of a difference against what one scribe called a “poor Baltimore defense.”

What Ed Reed difference?

Bills defensive coach Ed Reed was expected to give Buffalo some sort of edge. Reed, a future-Hall-of-Famer spent much of his playing career in Baltimore including four years playing under Ravens Coach John Harbaugh and with QB Joe Flacco. Flacco suffered season ending knee injury last year and only played half an exhibition game. The Ravens first team offense hasn’t practiced together much and it showed.

Baltimore had no running game. Still Flacco threw for more than twice as many yards (258) as Taylor and threw deeper.

What do the Bills need?

The defense played well limiting Baltimore to less than 100 yards rushing and only one touchdown. The Bills also collected four sacks. However the offense showed up for a drive late in the first quarter and was not seen again.

The big play on the drive was Taylor shaking off Ravens linebacker Albert McClellan, then spinning away from Terrell Suggs to deliver a 33-yard pass to Charles Clay that set up a touchdown. McCoy scored on fourth and one. Good teams do not commit eight penalties and give away 89 yards. Maybe Mike Rodak was right when he said the Bills will lose their first four games.

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