Bronson Koenig is a leader on the court. As a player with the University of Wisconsin, number 24 has dazzled with frequent feats of heroism. Now the star athlete and student-athlete has decided to do something to raise awareness for the ongoing protests taking place involving the standing rock sioux. To give back, Koenig decided to host an event in Fort Yates, less than 20 miles from the site of the encampments which have been set up to protest construction of an oil pipeline.

Take note young collegiate athletes

The Bakken Oil Reserve, located in this region has been a point of major controversy between local populations and industrial firms which seek to capture and export as much shale oil as they possibly can.

The extraction process commonly known as fracking is frequently utilized and poses unknown damage to the natural environment. Many leading environmental scientists from multiple disciplines have presented evidence which suggests fracking could pose specific and catastrophic danger to the natural environment and especially to crops and water supplies.

Water is life and for many communities, the encroachment of big business is something worth standing up and fighting over. Just as Bronson traveled some 800 miles to work with local native youths, protesters have shown up from across the West and around the world to lend their support to the Standing Rock Sioux and their efforts to protect their community from business interests.

A true student leader

On Saturday, Bronson Koenig met to show his solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux and to deliver a special message to native youth. Spending hours with over one hundred children from the local community, the Wisconsin collegiate athlete displayed the best of what athletics can be for the community.

Taking time to get to know as many children as he could the athlete patiently worked, played, smiled and celebrated possibility. With the charisma of a true star, Koenig looked right into the eyes of the native youth gathered around them and told them that each and every one of them could achieve everything they set their hearts on.

A true hero, it is important to celebrate the example set by Bronson Koenig of the University of Wisconsin. Representing his University in the best possible way, the people of Wisconsin should be very proud.

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