In a message directed at the "Carolina Community,"Chancellor Carol L. Folt levied a clear statement regarding her administration's stance regarding allegations of sexual violence committed by a collegiate student athlete on campus at the University of North Carolina. In this letter, Folt said "nothing matters more to me than the safety and well-being of our campus community" and "the issues involved in sexual assault are challenging."

Stand against sexual violence

She went on to outline the immense importance in allowing campus legal proceedings to proceed but affirmed her commitment to see justice be served.

No doubt thrust into the national spotlight during a challenging time, it is important to support campus leaders like Chancellor Folt who view their duties as stewards of young people as if not far greater important then collegiate sports. In years past various national programs have come under fire as coaches and administrations have at times been slow to respond to allegations centering on star student athletes.

In these cases the need to win, sell tickets, and keep alumni boosters happy has outweighed the imperative to protect minors and young adults. On Tuesday September 13th, The North Carolina Football player involved with this case turned himself into authorities on charges of sexual battery.

Just 19 years of age, this young man turned himself in exactly 7 months after rape allegations had begun.

Questions still remain about whether the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill handled this case correctly. What can be said now is Chancellor Holt has made a statement affirming her desire to see a fair, legal proceeding take place which will please observers calling for justice.

In the case in question, the player accused of these acts of sexual violenceis alleged to have forced himself upon his victim and used his strength to overpower her.

It takes a village

This is a very important time for coaches, educators and parents across the nation to have tough conversations with their children about sexual violence.

Crimes of this nature can be prevented with a collaborative approach to education. As a nation it is essential that we affirm our neighborhoods and community spaces, and thatplaces of learning and education be free from sexual violence.

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