UFC Fight Night 95 offers fans a stellar card featuring some of the organizations most recognizable names. Let’s get into it!

Godofredo Pepey vs. Mike De La Torre

Pepey is a dangerous stand-up fighter capable ofthrowing devastating bombs with both his hands and his legs. His wrestling is a weakness for him, however, as he struggles to either gain or defend takedowns. Mike De La Torre is also a competent stand-up fighter capable of producing fight-stopping power on his feet. Unlike his opponent, De La Torre does not have dominate ground skills, which means this fight will likely turn into a slugfest.

Godofredo Pepey is a much more formidable fighter than Mike De La Torre at this point in their careers, and his superior arsenal of techniques will probably lead to a first round finish.

Thiago Santos vs. Eric Spicely

Thiago Santos is one of the hardest hitting middleweights in the world. His ability to cause massive damage from range and in the clinch means that his opponents are always in danger of being dropped. Eric Spicely is the exact opposite. The American gets his work done on the ground. Unfortunately, it will be hard to wrestle Santos to the mat. Saturday's matchup should prove to be an exciting series of exchanges that end with Thiago Santos' hand raised in victory.

Francisco Trinaldo vs. Paul Felder

Francisco Trinaldo may not be a highlight reel fighter, but he controls the cage extraordinarily well. The Brazilian is able to land shots at range and has a well-rounded skill set that makes him dangerous from every position in the cage. Paul Felder is at home on his feet, meticulously picking his opponents apart with well-timed counter punches.

Sadly, he often picks his spots too cautiously, costing the former CCFC champion opportunities to capitalize. This fight should go the distance and see Francisco Trinaldo win by split decision.

Roy Nelson vs. Bigfoot Silva

Roy Nelson's recent string of losses is a sign that his time in the UFC is coming to a close, but don't expect the former TUF winner to lay down and concede defeat.

He is still a formidable heavyweight with a dominant side control, world-class grappling skills, and a powerful right hand.

Bigfoot Silva is a shell of his former self. In times past, Silva was one of the most dangerous men on the planet. Now, his weak chin and slow footwork leave him all-too-open to devastating knockouts. Bigfoot Silva is a dying star from the past generation of heavyweights. Roy Nelson isn't looking all that great either. All things considered, Nelson's right hand plus Silva's weak chin equals first round knockout.

Renan Barao vs. Phillipe Nover

Once one of the most promising fighters in the world, Renan Barao dominated everyone on his path to the UFC bantamweight championship.

Then, T.J. Dillashaw happened. Ever since dropping the strap, Barao just isn't the same.

Phillipe Nover is a much less seasoned fighter. With only two fights in the UFC, he is yet to show that he belongs on the big stage - or the big brand for that matter. He should be no match for Barao. Phillipe Nover can't hang with Barao, unless Barao continues his streak of letting people dominate him. Hopefully, Renan Barao will get back on track and secure a late-fight finish.

Cris Cyborg vs. Lina Lansberg

Cris Cyborg is unbeatable, and I feel sorry for anyone who has to climb into the cage with her. She has been undefeated (outside of a minor steroid hiccup) for eleven years. That isn't changing anytime soon.

Lina Lansberg is probably the best opponent Cyborg has stepped into the octagon with. She is a muay thai master and certified beast in her own right, but Cyborg is a once in a lifetime attraction. Lansberg is just another lamb led to slaughter.

Cris Cyborg, the mostdominant female fighter in the world, will continue to do the same thing she has been doing for more than a decade - knock her opponent out in the first round.

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