Reality check for CM Punk

Although CM Punk left his career with the WWE having been a champion, things didn't transition quite as smoothy when Punk went from the squared circle to the octagon in his first match with the UFC against Mickey Gall. By all accounts, it was a lackluster debut at best, with Gall taking advantage of Punk's inexperience to end him via rear-naked choke in the first round of the contest at UFC 203. While a good portion of the reaction has been somewhat negative, others like UFC superstar Conor McGregor praised Punk for his effort, and for having the balls to step into the octagon in the first place.

This is saying something, considering the recent back and forth that McGregor has engaged in with members of the WWE roster over Twitter.

Dana White not convinced

Following the one-sided bout, it would seem that the UFC President was not very impressed with CM Punk's performance. And, while he did not outright say that Punk wouldn't be competing in another high-profile UFC contest, he didn't give the impression that he was eager to put Punk in another premiere card match.

Punk not deterred

All in all, it seems as though CM Punk himself is taking his first loss in stride.

While he could very easily throw in the towel, it appears that Punk isn't quite ready to close the books on his foray into MMA territory. While Punk may have bitten off a bit more than he was prepared to chew by charging head first into the octagon, he seems open to the idea of putting in the work and honing his skills as an amateur before having another go in the octagon.

Still, regardless of what one may think of the WWE or the UFC, you have to give Punk credit for taking the challenge on and and showing up to compete in an arena that was clearly out of his depth. At 36-years-old, the clock isn't necessarily on his side, however, Punk seems determined to give it another go, and, with a bit more training and elbow grease, it's possible that the UFC hasn't seen the last of the former WWE champion.

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