This season’s UEFA Champions League encounter will feature newly promoted Leicester City of England. All eyes will be on this team as they are set to battle the best teams in the world for the world’s biggest Soccer trophy. Leicester has been predicted to get an easy ride to the next stage since the team is grouped on what soccer analyst considered the easiest group of the tournament.. The competition will get tougher when the round of 16 elimination stage begins.

Defending champions Real Madrid will leave no stone unturned as they are set and battle ready to defend their trophy this season. It won’t be an easy fight for this great team against teams like Barcelona, Bayern Munich and others who will give them a run for their money.

Hopeful EPL teams

The English teams have sometimes not been able to put impressive performances in the league owning to their non-advancement into thefinal round of the competition. The EPL is considered the best and toughest in the world and hence gather high momentum and prospect from soccer lovers and fans all over the world, and the return of Tottenham Hotspur this season means that a surprise couldjust be by the corner.

Could Real Madrid retain its title?

Some soccer analysts have predicted Real Madrid to retain the trophy while others have disputed the team ability to grab the trophy again this season, citing the zeal and passion for the trophy by some of the biggest challengers. This year’s UEFA Champions League encounter is sure to be extremelytough as almost any team end upclinching the league.

How about a surprise

The first round of games will start this September with someimpressive teamsthat may likely lift the trophy. The league may be unpredictable like last season in the English Premier League, in which newcomers Leicester City made history by lifting the trophy against all odds. Any team can win the league but it takes more than just being a team to lift the trophy.

Now all isset for predictions and analysis to get the best of this year's season.

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