The fantasy Football season has already brought plenty of surprises for players of the game. Coby Fleener, who was touted as an elite tight end option, has become waiver wire material. Players like Travis Benjamin have quickly become elite wide receivers with renewed opportunities for production. How can fantasy players take advantage of these new developments? With some shrewd trades. In this article, I'll take a look at twotrades that would have seemed crazy in the offseason but actually look pretty reasonable now.

1. Stefon Diggs for Sammy Watkins.

Sammy Watkins was selected in the early rounds of most fantasy drafts this season.

The Bills wide receiver had a huge year in the second half last season, scoring a touchdown in almost every game of the last six weeks. This season, Watkins has struggled to play through a foot injury and can't seem to overcome the ineptitude of the Bills offense. He's quickly lost a lot of the fantasy value that made him a top pick and Watkins continues to struggle through a foot injury.

Stefon Diggs has had the opposite start to the year. In week 2, Diggs absolutely destroyed the Packers by catching nine passes for a whopping 182 receiving yards. Diggs clearly has a connection with Sam Bradford and could continue to have these types of ridiculous performances. But he could also regress to the receiver he was in 2015.

Is it time for fantasy football players tomake a trade?

A fantasy player who has Sammy Watkins is definitely tired of dealing with the headaches at this point. Owners like that probably wouldn't mind trading Watkins a way for a player who has been as productive as Diggs.On the other end, Stefon Diggs owners are likely thrilled with the Vikings receiver's production.

But how realistic is it that Diggs will continue to have performances like the one he delivered against the Packers? It may be time to trade Diggs while his value is still high. A risky owner will likely take a risk and bet on Sammy, while a more conservative owner will prefer the safer production of Diggs.

Fantasy players should definitely consider this trade if they own either one of these guys.

2. Travis Benjamin for Jeremy Maclin.

It seems a bit silly to compare a player who was on fantasy waiver wires in week 1 to a player like Maclin, but it's already become reasonable. Maclin has failed to accumulate more than 70 receiving yards in a Chiefs game and has scored just one touchdown this season. Maclin still occupies a major role on the Chiefs offense, but Benjamin's role could be even bigger.

Travis Benjamin got more chances in week 2 after Keenan Allen's injury and took full advantage of them. Benjamin caught six passes for 116 receiving yards and a touchdown, production that could continue if his role in the Chargers offense remains the same.

Remember when Benjamin was an elite fantasy receiver last season with the Browns? Now he has Philip Rivers throwing him the ball and could easily be an elite wide receiver option for the rest of the year.

Fantasy owners looking to trade Benjamin after his week 2 performance should consider Jeremy Maclin, who almost always gets double digit fantasy points. Maclin's role in the Chiefs offense is clearly defined, while Benjamin's could change with the presence of Melvin Gordon and Tyrell Williams. Still, it's definitely a reasonable trade that fantasy players on both sides should consider.

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