The Bills will open up their season with a game against the Baltimore Ravens that will feature plenty of intrigue. Tyrod Taylor and Ed Reed will both make their return to Baltimore and attempt to defeat their old team. To do so, the Bills will need to be at their absolute best. Things got off to a pretty bad start today when both Jerry Hughes and Zac Brown missed the team bus.

What Did They Do?

The two Bills defenders are key pieces on a defense that will be without several players thanks to injuries, which makes it a bit surprising to see that the Bills team bus wasn't even willing to wait for these guys.

But Bills players always have a backup plan and both defenders decided that they would take an Uber to the game instead.

I guess that's what happens when you fail to get to the bus on time! In all seriousness, the Uber might even be more comfortable than the team bus and there aren't as many people on it. Jerry Hughes and Zac Brown can also get a little bit of bonding time in and talk about the game plan to stop the Baltimore Ravens defense. Unfortunately, they won't be able to speak to the rest of the Bills defense.

Bills Coaches Can't Be Too Happy.

Coaches expect their players to be on time and aren't particularly willing to let things like this slide. Rex Ryan already coaches a team with discipline issues that racks up a huge amount of penalties in every single game. So it's hard to understand why Rex Ryan would ever allow this kind of behavior from his Bills team.

For now, he doesn't have much of a choice. Both Bills first round draft picks are sidelined with injuries. Marcell Dareus is suspended for smoking too much weed. And the Bills desperately need players as talented as Jerry Hughes and Zac Brown to start almost every single play on defense. There's a clear pattern of poor discipline here, but Rex can't really do anything about it when a significant portion of the team is either injured or suspended.

A Good Start?

Rex Ryan is usually pretty good at picking up a victory in his first game. In six of his last seven seasons as a head coach, Rex has won the team's opener. The Uber ride might be a setback, but Bills fans should still expect big things and hopefully a victory in Baltimore to start the year. Plus, we definitely want to prove this guy wrong.

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