The Eagles and Vikings just completed a trade that will be harped on by everyone for the next few days. In a shocking twist, the Eagles have chosen to trade away starting quarterback Sam Bradford, who had the full confidence of the Eagles coaching staff. We know now the details of the trade and exactly what the Vikings had to give up to get a solid quarterback on the roster.

Trade details

ESPN's own Adam Schefter was one of the first to break the trade details.

The Vikings gave up a huge amount so that they could contend this season.

With Shaun Hill as the main backup, the Vikings didn't have much of a choice. They were willing to sacrifice their future picks so that they could win now and continue to be one of the elite teams in the NFC. Sam Bradford will give them that chance, as long as he can stay healthy.

Eagles new starter

The Eagles will now turn to Chase Daniel, who will be their new starting quarterback. Daniel is comfortable with the offense and with Doug Pederson, who he worked with a lot in Kansas City. It certainly appears that the Eagles will turn to him and not rookie Carson Wentz, who was drafted with the second overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft.

The Eagles probably weren't going to contend without Bradford, so it makes sense for them to acquire future draft picks and stockpile players.

Chip Kelly left the team in shambles and a trade deal like this is beneficial for the future quality of the Eagles team.

Vikings future

The Vikings are clearly willing to sacrifice their future draft picks in an effort to win now. And why wouldn't they? The Vikings were within one missed field goal of beating the Seahawks in the playoffs last season.

Their defense is elite. And they have possibly the best running back in the game. But without Teddy Bridgewater, they would have had almost no chance of making the playoffs.

Sam Bradford will at least give the team a chance, even if he does get injured later in the season. And why else would Mike Zimmer complete this trade?

He knows that his team can't compete without Bridgewater and desperately needed a quarterback like Bradford to help fill the void.

The trade actually benefits both parties and will give the Eagles a better future while giving the Vikings more of a chance to win right now.

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