At the end of every NFL season, there areseveral Coaches who lose their jobs in favor of a wise veteran coach, or a hotshot coordinator ready to take his shot at holding down the head coaching position.Even thoughthe NFL season has only just started,there are already several coaches who may be out of a job at the end of the season.Here are fourNFL coaches in the greatest danger of losing their job in January, if not sooner.

4. Chuck Pagano - Indianapolis Colts

Last season, it became public that Pagano was feuding with his general manager. Both figures are still in place, but it's not known if they can continue to coexist together.

If the GM is safe, the coach is the next person on the chopping block.

3. Mike McCoy - San Diego Chargers

This is not entirely McCoy's fault because the roster is simply not talented enough to compete. One of their best players, wide receiver Keenan Allen, already suffered a season-ending injury, and top pick defensive end Joey Bosa missed the entire preseason because of a contract stalemate. Still, general manager Tom Telesco has a lot of job security, and if the GM is safe, the coach is the next person to go.

2. Rex Ryan - Buffalo Bills

Ryan's position in the hot seat is likely a self-inflicted wound - he would be given more time to implement his system and find success if he wasn't always so bombastic about his team'schances to make the Super Bowl.His proclamations got him into trouble with the New York Jets, and they're already getting him into trouble in Buffalo.

He's already endured injuries and suspensions this season andhis mouth isn't doing him any favors.

1. Jeff Fisher - Los AngelesRams

Fisher has always managed to maintain a surprising amount of job security for a coachwho has repeatedly failed to get the Rams over the hump. The thinking now is that the veteran coach, who was successful in his long stint with the Tennessee Titans, is needed to guide the Rams' transition from St.

Louis to Los Angeles, and to a top-tier quarterback in top overall draft pick Jared Goff. The Rams may have to opt for a more glamorous choice to lead the team in the future if the Rams play is anywhere near as ugly as it was in their season opening shutout loss.

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