It's already been three weeks into the college Football season. As usual, the Associated Press top 25 is a bit of a moving target from week to week. Last week was no exception:

#25Oklahoma 24 - Ohio State 45 -Boom! er Sooner. Big game Bob didn't live up to it so far this year.

#24 Utah 34 - San Jose State 17 -The Utes offense isn't hitting on all cylinders but that defense is cooking. The Utes sacked San Jose State 10 times and score 17 of their 34 points on turnovers.

#23 Ole Miss 43 - Alabama 48 -The kryptonite for super-bama has been found. It's a duel threat quarterback who can pass accurately.

Ole Miss has that and came oh-so-close to three in a row.

#22 San Diego State 42 - Northern Illinois 28 - Lots of offense with this Aztec team starting the year. The have beaten New Hampshire 31-0, California 45-40 in addition to the Northern Illinois game.

#21 Texas 43 - California 50 -The Longhorns slipped but stayed in the rankings. It is safe to say this is a much improved team this year, though.

#20 Nebraska 35 - Oregon 32 -The Cornhuskers scored a late TD to run their record to 3-0 and make a much anticipated return to the top 25.

#19 Florida 32 - North Texas 0-The Gators stingy defense has only given up 14 points in their three games so far. Obviously, they haven't played top 10 teams but that's still good work nowadays.

#18 LSU 23 - Mississippi State 20 -The Tigers jumped out to a big lead early and despite a furious late comeback, State couldn't catch them.

#17 Arkansas 42 - Texas State 3 -Finally, Arkansas is winning early. Next up, Texas A&M, also winning early.

#16 Baylor 38 - Rice 10 -Although the Bears lost a lot of talent over the summer, they still have some players.

In addition, Jim Grobe is a fine football coach.

#15 Miami 42 - Appalachian State 10 -Two questions answered in one game. App State isn't as good as we thought and Miami is better than we thought.

#14 Tennessee 28 - Ohio 19 -Three things Vols - 1) hold onto the football 2) catch the ball more often 3) This is almost the same offensive line that beat Northwestern (#12 rushing nationally) 45-6 in their bowl--they need to start playing that way again.

Otherwise, it's 12 in a row for Florida.

#13 Florida State 20 - Louisville Cardinals 63 -How did FSU stay in the top 15 after such a butt whipping?

#12 Georgia 28 - Missouri 27 -They are 3-0 but they have lots of work to do. Good job so far Coach Smart and staff.

#11 Wisconsin 23 - Georgia State 17 -The Badgers needed a fourth quarter rally to put the 0-2 panthers away.

Associated Press Top 10:

#10 Texas A&M 29 - Auburn 16 -Chief Chavis has gotten his defense rolling in College Station. These guys are much improved--and not a minute too soon for Kevin Sumlin!

#9 Washington 41 - Portland State 3 -Everybody's west coast darlin' the Washington Huskies are 3-0 as predicted!

#8 Michigan State 36 - Notre Dame 28 -The Spartans keep on keepin' on year after year.

No secret here, it's coaching!

#7 Stanford 27 - Southern Cal 10 -The Cardinal is solid once again. My choice for the Pac-12 and possibly a playoff team.

#6 Houston 40 - Cincinnati 16 - Team football. That's what I think about when I think Houston. These guys compliment each other very well.

#5 Clemson 59 - South Carolina State 0 -Tennessee can only hope they get it together as suddenly--and as well--as the Tigers did in game three!

#4 Michigan 45 - Colorado 28 -The Buffalos jumped out to a 21-7 lead in this one. Then, the refs discovered Ralphie was lining up at left tackle. After he was forced to the bench, Michigan rolled.

#3 Louisville 63 - Florida State 20 -I know Bobby Petrino is a fine coach but I just can't make myself like the guy since he snuck out on his Falcons team--leaving the players a note instead of standing in front of them like a man--in the middle of the season.

#2 Ohio State 45 - Oklahoma 24 -Look out, the Buckeyes are really good.

#1 Alabama 48 - OLe Miss 43 -Bama is outstanding--but the Rebels proved they can be beaten.

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