Week 3 of the fantasy Football season brings a slate of games that will have fantasy owners obsessing over which defense is the right one to play. Most of the plays this week are matchup driven, and it would smart for fantasy owners to rely on the matchup rather than choosing to play only the elite defenses this week.

1. Seahawks D/ST.

The Seahawks aren't going to be very happy after suffering an embarassing 9-3 loss to the Rams. The defense was the Seahawks only saving grace in the game, and it shouldn't have much trouble stopping Blaine Gabbert and the 49ers. Expect a huge fantasy game from the almost double digit favorite Seahawks in this game.

2. Panthers D/ST.

The Panthers defense scored a touchdown and put up 14 fantasy points in a week 2 game against the 49ers. This week, the Panthers get to play against a Sam Bradford led Vikings team that will almost definitely struggle to produce offensively. Expect the Panthers defense to limit Sam Bradford's effectiveness and again record a double digit fantasy game.

3. Dolphins D/ST.

The Browns are down to their third string quarterback and it's not going to be pretty. The Dolphins are listed as 10 point favorites and should easily win the game against inexperienced quarterback Cody Kessler. The Dolphins defense got destroyed by the Patriots last week, and will be look to prove itself with a much bigger performance against a Browns team that doesn't have much of a chance on the road.

4. Buccaneers D/ST.

The Ramshave failed to score a touchdown in the first two weeks of the NFL season, a great sign for the Buccaneers defense in week 3. The Cardinals destroyed the Bucs defense last week, but Case Keenum will be too timid to throw the ball downfield and the Rams offense will be shut down once again in week 3.

5. Chiefs D/ST.

The Chiefs failed to pull out a miraculous victory against the Texans last week, but the defense still scored five fantasy points. In week 3, the Chiefs get a far more favorable matchup against a Jets team at home. The Chiefs should be able to take advantage of the opportunities against an turnoverprone Ryan Fitzpatrick.

6. Cardinals D/ST.

The Buffalo Bills are a complete mess right now. The coaches are in disarray, owners are meeting with the playersprivately,and Karlos Williams is trolling the Bills from his couch. Tyrod Taylor hasn't been the quarterback the Bills have been expecting and the Cardinals defense should be able to get to Tyrod and force him into mistakes.

7. Cowboys D/ST.

The Eagles proved last week that playing defenses against the Bears is a good idea. Jay Cutler is turnover prone and tends to give away fantasy points to opposing defenses. The Cowboys are playing at home in week 3 and should be a solid option in this week of the fantasy football season.

8. Rams D/ST.

The Rams can't score points, but that doesn't mean their defense isn't elite.

Jameis Winston can easily be forced into mistakes and the Rams certainly have the potential to score a defensive touchdowns in week 3. The Rams offense limits their overall potential, but they are still a solid option in week 3.

9. Texans D/ST.

The Patriots were expected to struggle with Garoppolo as a starter, but have instead flourished. Now third string quarterback Jacoby Brisset will get a chance. On the surface, this seems like a great matchup for a Texans defense that loves to capitalize on mistakes. But it's never a good idea to bet against Bill Belichick, who almost always has a plan that results in offensive success for the Patriots. Temper your fantasy expectations for the Texans defense in week 3.

10. Patriots D/ST.

Vegas expects this game to be low scoring, with a over/under total of just 41 points. That makes both defenses legitimate plays in a week where more than half the games will likely be high scoring. The Patriots will definitely need to have an elite defense in week 3 if they have any chance of beating the Texans behind third string quarterback Jacoby Brisset.

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