I ranked the top 10 quarterbacks for week 1 of the NFL season last week. Cam Newton was left off the list because I thought he would struggle with the Broncos defense. He did struggle a little bit but still put up 20 fantasy points thanks to his rushing ability last week. The shining star on the list was Derek Carr, whodelivered for fantasy players who started himin week 1. Here's the top 10 list for week 2.

1. Cam Newton.

I don't care how great the 49ers defense looked against Case Keenum and the Rams at home. Cam Newton proved that he is the top fantasy player at his position by scoring twenty fantasy points last week and Newton will have the potential to score far more in Carolina this week.

2. Derek Carr.

Yes, I am ranking Raiders quarterback Derek Carr second. He took full advantage of his opportunity against an awful Saints defense in week 1 and should have a great chance to destroy the Falcons defense at home in week 2. I think Carr can have a big day against a fantasy defense that let Jameis Winston score 25 fantasy points on the road.

3. Eli Manning.

Eli threw three touchdown passes to three different receivers in week 1. That's good news for fantasy owners who desperately wanted to see Eli get some real weapons besides Odell Beckham, who was the only legitimate target last year. Now Manning will get to play against a Saints defense that couldn't cover anybody on the Raiders in week 1.

Expect big things from Manning in week 2.

4. Ben Roethlisberger.

I would have more faith in this projection if Roethlisberger weren't playing a division rival like the Bengals. Still, it's hard not to recognize the talent of the Steelers offense, which should be praised for its overall quality. Roethlisberger remains a top five option at quarterback in week 2 thanks to the presence of stars like Antonio Brown and DeAngelo Williams on offense.

5. Matt Ryan.

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan didn't pull out a win for his team in week 1, but he might have pulled out a win for his fantasy owners. He scored 24 fantasy points in week 1, even without much help from star receiver Julio Jones. Now Ryan will get another juicy matchup in week 2 against a Raiders team that allowed Drew Brees to score 30 fantasy points in week 1.

6. Carson Palmer.

The Cardinals lost their first game of the season, but it didn't prevent Palmer from having a decent fantasy day. The Cardinals quarterback managed to put 18 fantasy points on a tough Patriots defense and should have a much easier time this week against the Buccaneers. The Cardinals will be mad after a loss and Palmer will do his best to destroy a Buccaneers defense that got roasted by Matt Ryan in week 1.

7. Blake Bortles.

Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles was one of the top fantasy quarterbacks last year and was expected to again have a big season this year. He instead disappointed fantasy owners in week 1 by scoring just 14 fantasy points against a tough Green Bay defense.

In week 2, he will have much better fantasy numbers against a Chargers defense that allowed Alex Smith to make an epic comeback.

8. Aaron Rodgers.

This is pretty low for a player of Aaron Rodgers caliber, but fantasy owners should be wary of a matchup against a tough Vikings defense on the road. Rodgers did put up some big numbers in week 1, but he did it against a Jaguars defense that wasn't particularly good last year. Fantasy owners can start Rodgers, but they shouldn't expect a huge game from him.

9. Marcus Mariota.

It seems a bit silly to rank a player who got destroyed in week 1 on this list, but the matchup warrants it. Mariota will get to play against a Detroit defense that allowed the highest number of fantasy points in week 1 and should be a top play in week 2.

10. Andrew Luck.

I refuse to place Luck any higher on this list thanks to a poor matchup against a really tough Broncos defense in week 2. The Broncos stifle opposing quarterbacks and it will be extremely difficult for Luck to score more than 20 fantasy points this week.

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