Fantasy Football is full of difficult questions. Choosing the right players in each and every week can be a little tricky. I'm here to help you identify the 10 best players at each respective fantasy position. So far, I've ranked quarterbacks, running backs, tight ends, and wide receivers. Now I'm going to rank the 10 best defenses for week 1 of the regular season.

1. Houston Texans D/ST

Did you watch the Bears play in the preseason? No? I'll just let you know that their offense is awful then. Jeremy Langford has nowhere near the amount of talent as Matt Forte and Jay Cutler is still a turnover prone quarterback who will hand out fantasy points to an opportunistic Texans defense.

2. Kansas City Chiefs D/ST

If you watched the Chargers play against the Chiefs defense last year, you would understand this ranking. In two games, the Chiefs racked up a whopping 32 fantasy points and absolutely destroyed Philip Rivers. Rivers has Keenan Allen back, but it won't save the Chargers from a Chiefs defense that has a penchant for scoring touchdowns.

3. Arizona Cardinals D/ST

The Cardinals have a solid defense and will get to take on a New England Patriots team starting Jimmy Garoppolo at home. The Cardinals should have no trouble picking apart the inexperienced quarterback and will put up some solid fantasy numbers in week 1.

4. Seattle Seahawks D/ST

There's almost never a reason not to play the Seahawks defense when they're at home.

And week 1 will be no different when the Seahawks take on the Dolphins.The Seahawks should have no trouble piling up a massive sack total thanks to the continued absence of an offensive line in Miami.

5. Carolina Panthers D/ST

The Panthers had one of the best defenses in football last season and should again have one this year.

In week 1 they will take on a Denver Broncos team captained by Trevor Siemian, who has never started a regular season game. The potential for a huge fantasy game isthere for a Panthers defense that should take advantage of rookie mistakes.

6. Denver Broncos D/ST

The top rated fantasy defense last season lost a few critical pieces, but is still one of the best defenses in football.

The Broncos defense proved that they had a blueprint to stop Cam Newton in the Super Bowl. If they succeed again, the Broncos defense will again put up big fantasy numbers.

7. LA Rams D/ST

Playing against the 49ers is usually a recipe for fantasy success. It doesn't hurt that the Rams will be taking on Blaine Gabbert, who isn't the greatest quarterback in the world. I still wouldn't get your hopes up too much, because the Rams defense actually posted negative fantasy points against the 49ers in week 17 last year.

8. Green Bay Packers D/ST

The Packers were carried by a solid defense last season while Aaron Rodgers struggled. Now that defense will get a chance to play against a turnover prone Jaguars offense that handed out several defensive touchdowns last season.

This is a great matchup for the Packers and they should be able to post a solid fantasy total.

9. Philadelphia Eagles D/ST

Playing the Cleveland Browns is good for any defense, even one with a secondary as poor as the Eagles. The opportunistic defense usually has no problem forcing a few turnovers and getting a few sacks a game. Because of that, the Eagles defense is in a good position to put up fantasy points against a Browns offense that could struggle in its first game without Josh Gordon.

10. Minnesota Vikings D/ST

Without Bridgewater, the Vikings will be forced to rely on a defense that was one of the best in the league last season even more. The Vikings draw a good matchup against a Titans offense that allowed the most fantasy points toopposing defensesin 2015.

Even without Bridgewater, the Vikings are an elite option for week 1.

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