The Jaguars haven't had the greatest start to the season so far. In week 1, they will take on a Packers team that is far more effective at defending the pass than they are at defending the run. Unfortunately, the Jaguars will be without the services of Chris Ivory after he went to the hospital with a serious issue last night.

Chris Ivory Is Inactive.

According to reports, Ivory was taken to the hospital last night.

Today, Ivory was ruled inactive.

The Jaguars were relying on Ivory as their bruising runner who could help the team move the chains in tight spots. Now they will be forced to rely more on T.J. Yeldon, who got plenty of work last season. Now that Ivory is out, Yeldon is certainly a solid consideration as a fantasy starter who should receive a pretty big workload with Ivory out.

T.J. Yeldon's Fantasy Value.

Last season, Yeldon managed to pick up more than seven hundred yards rushing and more than two hundred yards receiving. It wasn't a great debut, but Yeldon was a rookie without any true NFL experience. Now that he has some, fantasy owners can look at Yeldon as more of an option. And he could be an even better player now that Chris Ivory is out.

With Ivory in the fold, Yeldon wasn't really a legitimate fantasy running back. Now he should be considered and started in any league where you have doubts. The Packers allowed a tiny number of passing yards and restrict opposing wide receivers significantly. The way to beat the Packers is certainly on the ground and not through the air.

And T.J. Yeldonwill be the guy who does it.

The Blake Bortles Effect.

Last season, Bortles was obsessed with passing the ball and eventually became the fourth highest scoring fantasy quarterback. Once you've done that, it's kind of hard to go back and start running the ball. T.J. Yeldon will get a majority of the carries, but it won't matter if Bortles decides that throwing the ball every play is a much better option.

And it's kind of hard not to throw the ball when you have weapons like Julius Thomas, Allen Robinson, and Allen Hurns at your disposal. T.J. Yeldon will be a decent fantasy start, but don't expect him to light it up when Bortles starts throwing the ball more.

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