Golden State Warriors’ otherworldly point guard, Stephen Curry, showed a slightly different side of himself at San Francisco’s TechCrunch Disrupt on Pier 48. He answered several non-basketball related questions, garnering quite a few applauses. There to promote a product, Slyce, of which he co-founded, Curry did not object to being veered off a little to the political realm. Slyce is an online service primarily for assisting brand and celebrities in navigating through their social media traffic in order to find relevant conversations and comments.

While on stage, the two-time MVP also talked about a personal cause of his.

For the past four seasons, Curry has donated three nets for every 3-pointer he makes to a sub-Saharan African country to help fight malaria. On Tuesday, the Warriors announced that they will match Curry’s donations in the upcoming season. However, things got really interesting when the father of two answered a series of questions.

Politics and demonstrations, oh my!

When asked who did he endorse for the 2016 presidential election, Curry answered without hesitation, “Hillary.” Although Curry expressed his support of NFL player Colin Kaepernick’s protest and stance, Curry said that he will most likely stand during the playing of the national anthem. In Kaepernick’s defense, Curry said he believed Kaepernick is not trying to disrespect the military but is striving to create conversations regarding social justice.

Sensing there would be criticism no matter how he answered, Curry told the moderator that you must be true to yourself, understand both sides of the equation and accept the consequences. Curry also answered fun questions such as having a preference for the Giants over the A’s, Magic over Bird, and when it came to picking the Knicks over the Nets, Curry said neither.

Little wonder as to who is his favorite NBA team.

Uber vs Lyft

Curry also chose Uber over Lyft, pointing out, if recognized, how the drivers turn into fans/coaches/aspiring basketball players. He found it all entertaining and noted that he did use an alias for the service. After a more secluded interview backstage, Curry hung around a bit to take pictures and engage in conversations, politics aside.

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