Roger Federer called off the rest of 2016. Also, when the US Open hit the stream 2 weeks ago a lot of talk revolved around his absence from the ATP Tour.But, if you are Swiss, it`s fine as Stan Wawrinka, the male competitor who spent a lifetime in the shadow of Federer now has to fill all the void left and he did that in a stunning way. Just ask Novak Djokovic!

For a Tennis player to live in Federer`s shadow for years might be frustrating. And for a number of years, Wawrinka was nothing but a huge pile of wasted skills. But once Federer`s glow faded away, he was able to stand up and ask for more.

When no one expected, Stan Wawrinka stirred up the ATP circuit with his late breakthrough. It happened back in 2014 when he grabbed the maiden Grand Slam title in Australia. Another big turning point of his career was the moment he chose to bring up Magnus Norman as his main coach. This guy is the one who made Robin Soderling play 2 French Open finals in a row back in 2009 and 2010.

Stan Wawrinkadisrupted Djokovic`s bubble once more

If Novak Djokovic was an easy pick as a potentialfinalist in the beginning due to his results, for Wawrinka nothing came up easy. He`s been struggling to get in the final and he survived some heart-damagingmatches. But Stan Wawrinka is that type of player whose game gets better and better only if he spends enormous amounts of time on the tennis court.

Last year, Wawrinka delivered a great upset to Djokovic in the French Open final, taking his 2nd Grand Slam title. In 2016, the Swiss seemed low on fuel and inspiration. That changed once he stepped into the US Open. His backhand has been a blessing for those who watched his matches.

The final against Djokovic followed the same scenario as the one in 2015 in Paris.

The Serb clinched the opening set by 7-6 then it was Wawrinka who turned the table in his favor. As Djokovic stated, the new Swiss no. 1 was the smarter player in the key moments of the encounter. On the scoreboard, it seemed an equal clash, with the Swiss taking the next 3 sets by 6-4, 7-5 6-3. But, the reality is brutal as Wawrinka completely held the strings.

Wawrinka threatens Murray`s position

The ATP circuit has a select group widely knows asThe Big Four consisting of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Andy Murray. By winning this US Open, Wawrinka leveled Murray in terms of Grand Slam titles. Both players have 3 trophies each. While Wawrinka won all 3 finals in which he took part, the Scotsman lost 8 Grand Slam finals.

For Wawrinka, the persistingissue was not the lack of skill. It was more a matter of having consistency during an extended season. Still, he deserves all the credit for yesterday`s triumph in Arthur Ashe Stadium. Moreover, the tennis fans from Switzerland have a star to watch while Roger Federer is off the grid.

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