Week 3 of the NFL season featured some high scoring games that produced a ton of fantasy points. The highest scoring game of the week saw Tevin Coleman and Devonta Freeman both deliver some big fantasy performances. Which other players came up big in week 3 and which ones should fantasy players be looking to trade before they lose value?

1. Stefon Diggs.

The Vikings star wide receiver didn't have a huge game in week 3, but he definitely delivered in a big way against the Packers in week 2. Against the Packers, Diggs caught nine passes for 182 yards and a touchdown. That's abnormal fantasy production for a receiver who was a hit or miss guy last year.

Trade him while he's still a hot commodity and try to get a more consistent player.

2. Matt Ryan.

The Falcons quarterback currently leads all fantasy players in scoring. Ryan is averaging more than twenty fantasy points per game and has quickly become a top flight option at the quarterback position. It won't last. Ryan has taken advantage of three easy matchups against the Buccaneers, Raiders, and Saints. Trade him for a different quarterback or flex player while his value is still sky high.

3. LeGarrette Blount.

The Patriots have actually chosen to stick with Blount for the first three weeks of the season. Bill Belichick hasn't played any games with Tom Brady out with an injury and is currently committed to Blount as a starter.

That could all change when Brady comes back from his four game suspension and starts throwing the ball again. Trade Blount now while his fantasy value is still high!

4. Vikings D/ST.

It seems a bit silly to talk about trading a defense, but the Vikings are an excellent candidate for a trade. The fantasy defense has actually averaged 20 points per game and is one of the top leading scorers in all of fantasy Football.

If you can get a quality running back, quarterback, or wide receiver for them, you should make a trade.

5. Marvin Jones.

The chance of Marvin Jones getting 200 receiving yards in a game again is about the same as my chances of winning the lottery this year. The Lions went down big early to the Packers, forcing Stafford to air it out on almost every single play.

That meant increased fantasy opportunities for Jones, who somehow managed to eclipse 200 yards receiving on just 6 catches. Defenses will now key on Jones and he won't get as many chances to produce in the future. Try and trade the Lions receiver while you can.

6. Terrelle Pryor.

The Browns wide receiver did it all for the offense in week 3. With Robert Griffin out, Pryor passed, rushed, and received for the Browns offense. He was highly productive with his allotted touches and managed to score 23 fantasy points with them. But fantasy owners shouldn't be fooled. Josh Gordon will be the primary target in this offense when he comes back and Pryor will lose a lot of the value that helped him produce effectively in week 3.

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