Colin Kaepernick is, at this point, still a longshot to start at quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. There may even be a chance that the “football decisions” Niners coach Chip Kelly is planning to make may involve his getting cut by the team. But Kap’s mere presence on the 49ers, given the recent national anthem controversy and his comments about law enforcement in America, is apparently toxic enough for Santa Clara police to avoid assignments at the 49ers’ home field of Levi’s Stadium.

Officers’ union writes pointed letter to Niners owner

A letter from the Santa Clara Police Officers’ Association made it perfectly clear that the group is not a fan of Colin Kaepernick.

Writing to 49ers owner Jed York, the police union accused Kaepernick of insinuating that policemen are “being placed on paid leave” whenever they kill African-Americans or individuals from other minority groups. The letter referred to Kaepernick’s comment as “obviously insulting” and “inaccurate,” with no facts to back it up.

The Santa Clara police union letter also accused Kaepernick of making “inaccurate and untrue” statements about how much training police officers need to be accepted in the force, cited his social media photos where he was wearing socks with a pig sporting a police hat, and noted that the 49ers have not publicly objected to Kaepernick’s statements against police. On Friday, the team had, in fact, reestablished their support for their quarterback, and stressed that they respect his decision to remain seated (or, in the recent San Diego Chargers game, kneeling) when the national anthem is played.

Officers will have option to skip 49ers games at Levi’s Stadium

Aside from the numerous objections Santa Clara police have against Kaepernick, their letter also stressed that officers can decide not to provide security for 49ers games, should they feel offended by the quarterback’s statements. In conclusion, the union said that police deserve to do their job in a setting that is free of any “unjustified and insulting attacks” from an organization’s employees.

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