The furor over Colin Kaepernick and his refusal to stand for the national anthem hasn’t even died down, but another San Francisco 49ers mainstay has grabbed the sports headlines. And it’s someone who probably wouldn’t have played too much had he not gotten released earlier today – tight end Bruce Miller.

Miller faces charges for assaulting father and son at hotel after drinking spree

A report from the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department shows that Miller, 29, was arrested late Monday morning, with bond set at $178,000 as he remains in San Francisco County Jail following his arrest. His charges include assault with a deadly weapon (except firearms), battery, elderly abuse, and two counts of making criminal threats.

Prior to the incident, Miller was reportedly at a San Francisco restaurant on Sunday night, having had drinks with friends, also posting a photo of the get-together to his Instagram account. A report from, however, claims that Miller may have had more than his fill of booze, as he was “hammered” that night, per a witness account from an unnamed restaurant employee. According to police records, he then headed to the Fisherman’s Wharf Marriott in the early hours of the morning, where he discovered that the hotel was fully booked.

With Miller apparently loaded after a long night of drinking, he reportedly barged into a room booked by an elderly couple. The couple’s son, aged 29, then informed the athlete that he was in the wrong room, but was quickly attacked by Miller, who also targeted the 70-year-old man occupying the room when he tried to defend his son.

The police report also notes that Miller punched the elderly man, and that both men received treatment for their injuries at a nearby hospital.

Punishment comes quick for Miller as 49ers release him on afternoon of arrest

It didn’t take long before the 49ers got wind of Miller’s arrest, as they released a statement confirming that they were aware of the assault incident and were, at the time, “gathering the relevant facts.” A few hours later, the team tweeted that they had just released Miller, leaving no specifics in the succinct tweet, but leaving no doubt either that this was on account of his latest legal issue.

Last year, Miller was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence, as he was accused by his then-fiancee of shoving her and destroying her cell phone. While Miller denied the charges of assault, he had pleaded no contest to misdemeanor charges, and had undergone domestic violence counseling sessions for 16 weeks.

Miller would have been fourth on depth chart as tight end, had he not been cut

Prior to the incident, Miller had made the San Francisco 49ers’ regular season lineup, and was listed as the fourth tight end, where he would have backed up Vance McDonald. He was a late-round selection of the 49ers in 2011, joining the team as a fullback. Like most modern-day fullbacks, he had focused mainly on blocking and pass-catching out of the backfield, racking up 62 rushing yards on 28 attempts and 734 receiving yards on 76 catches over his career. But with new head coach Chip Kelly among the growing number of coaches eschewing the fullback on offense, Miller had shifted to tight end for the 2016 NFL season, though playing time would have likely been limited, given that the 49ers also had Garrett Celek and Blake Bell right behind McDonald on the TE depth chart.

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