The Browns lost their first game in an embarrassing fashion in the opening week matchup versus the Philadelphia Eagles. The 29 to 10 loss was Robert Griffin III's first start with the Cleveland Browns and they got the full scope of the RGIII experience. RGIII started off in good form, but ended the game with zero touchdowns and one interception and only 190 passing yards. To his credit, the Browns offensive line was not having a good game either, allowing the Eagles to get easy hits on the quarterback. Those kinds of hits would shake anyone, regardless of skill or experience.

Robert Griffin's Injury.

But in the week following the game, the Cleveland Browns placed RGIII on injured reserve with a shoulder injury. This move puts the Cleveland Browns quarterback situation back in flux as RGIII will missat least eight games. Reserve quarterback Josh McCown will be taking over the starting position in the week two matchup versus the Baltimore Ravens. McCown has a 63.7% completion rate in 2015 with the Browns and passed for over 2,000 yards. His stats were good in 2015, despite Cleveland’s bad season, so he has to possibility to improve on the three wins Cleveland got last year.

Fast Forward to Week Two.

The Baltimore Ravens won their week one match up with the Buffalo Bills by two field goals, but the Ravens have more than enough firepower and defensive skill to take down the Cleveland Browns.

The one edge the Browns have is their rushing attack, but that isn’t enough to carry the entire game.Josh McCown has to be in peak form in order for the Browns to have a chance of taking this game.

This is a crucial game for both teams, as it is a divisional match up, but probably less so for the Browns because their actual chances of winning the division are so close to zero it’s amusing.

The Ravens will pull out all the stops to win this game and the Brownswill have to do the same if they want to emerge victorious. This game is shaping up to be a good one with plenty of intrigue, even if it ends up being a blowout.

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